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Keep my "Fatty Nano" or buy the 4G Nano

Discussion in 'iPod' started by gan6660, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Hey everyone I have heard alot of stories that people dont like their fatty 3g nanos so i was wondering do like them or the 4g nano better.

    :apple:iPod Touch
    :apple:iPod Nano 3G
    :apple:iPod Shuffle 1G
    :apple:Broken 1G nano
    :apple:new Hp laptop with Blu ray arriving tommorow!YEA
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    When I saw pics of the short 3g nanos for the first time I hated it and preferred the 2g sticks all the way. But when I went to the Apple store and actually held one I began to really like them with their balanced squarish dimensions. Now we're back to the stick design but now I don't think the tall LCD design suits the stick shape of the body. The curve is a nice touch, but aesthetic wise, it would have looked better if the LCD was horizontal again and not vertical.
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    Your right I didnt like the fatty in the pictures but i loved them in the apple store also your right about the screen this new vertical screen looks like a cheap knock off on ebay but i wait till i hold it.
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    1. Which screen is essentially bigger?

    2. Which one is better for watching movies on?

    Besides, the design and accelerometer, any other differences? (Oh yea, and I guess Genius too)
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    Both the 3g nano and 4g nano have 2inch screens, once I found that out there was nothing really to convince me to change my 3g for a 4g.
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    When I first saw the leaked pics, I assumed a slightly bigger screen was the reason they did it. Obviously I was wrong.

    Count me as another one that didn't like the squatty one until I saw it. Chances are I'll like the 4G better when I see it too. Happens every time.
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    NC MacGuy

    I do believe the battery spec. loses an hour of video playback in the new one vs. the chubby. I like the chubby too.
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    Gotta agree, I didn't like them when I first saw them either...but after using one I loved it. I purchased the most recent (and final) generation: 8gb.
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    Frankly, I'm keeping my 3G nano (8 GB) for now. The reason is simple: even with the SwitchEasy Biscuit case over the player I can easily stuff my nano in a pants pocket or shirt pocket, something that might not be so easy to do with the "taller" nanos. Besides, I don't see much in the way of improved functionality compared to my 3G nano.
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    I bought a red nano 4g

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