Keep my iPod Classic 80GB or Buy iPod Touch 32GB?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by sandman423, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Well I have been using my 80GB ipod Classic for sometime now and I love it...The battery life seems really good, it hooks up to my Windows XP Computer no problem, and it can hold A LOT of my Years of Music.

    I am a Verizon customer who was really bummed when the iphone was turned down by Verizon because I have played with a few iPhones and I love the functionality of them. I know this is not an iPhone discussion, but the iPod Touch is the iPhone without the Phone and 3G.

    I was thinking about going to Costco to buy the 32GB iPod Touch, but then I thought I should state my case first here to see what everyone else thinks.

    Is the iPod Touch worth getting even though I own the 80GB Classic?

    I am intrigued by the 10,000 Apps in the App Store like Shazam which is AWSOME, Safari Browser, Wi-Fi, etc, But are all these reasons worth dropping 400 Bucks on a music Player?
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    please respond
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    They have 32g ones in the refurb apple store and in my humble opinion it is more than worth it. Yes, you can keep your years worth of music on your 80g ipod but the apps and other features make the touch well worth the money you'll spend. I use apps every day for work and play purposes and with wifi browsing and email capability it comes in handy a heck of a lot.
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    BTW, the new generation of touch is 349 in the refurb store.
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    get a touch, theyre sweet, its easier to use, and better for movies and what not, games are fun as well
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    I would say that the new touch is worth it.

    You get so much more than just a music player. Plus the screen is bigger which is nice for movies, TV shows, music videos and of course pictures.
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    Well I went to Costco and Frys today but didn't see ANY iPod Touches for sale..

    I saw a ton of iPod Nanos at Costco and Frys but No iPod Touches..Are they usually in different parts of the store??

    Also I saw on a good deal for the 32GB iPod Touch and also on Amazon

    Is their return policys good and I know Amazon is legit but what about macmall?

    I was thinking on getting a iPod Touch 32GB, but It would be nice to have a good return policy.

    Any ideas? Also with the refurbished iPod touch 32GB do you get a new 1 year warranty?
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    just bought from for 382 bucks for 32GB iPod Touch
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    Apps, games, videos and movies on such a small screen doesn't interest me, so that only leaves Wi-Fi internet and email as a point of interest.

    32GB doesn't hold much music, and I like keeping many Playlists on my iPod.

    The obvious choice for me is the iPod Classic.
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    It's going to get interesting for those who are trying to decide between a Classic 120GB and the 64GB touch when it is released. Probably make the decision more difficult.
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    ^ If/when the 64GB iPod Touch is available, I will definitely make the switch :)
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    I think many others will do the same.

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