Kernel Attacks and more Powerbook G4 12"

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by BBasdas, Jul 4, 2006.

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    Here is my 6 months of torture, maybe some one can suggest me what to do.

    Apple tech do not find or unable to reproduce my problems therefore so far has refused to replace the machine.

    here is the outline and history of my problem:

    Powerbook G4 12"
    Date purchased: December 14, 2005

    • Repeating problems starting from the first few weeks of use:
    Main Problems:
    1. While working on the computer suddenly a kernel attack happens - regardless of the program I am using (happens with all such as word, safari, iphoto, itunes). A curtain like gray screen rolls down to push the start button to close the computer. – at first this problem happens a few times one after the other, in time the computer does not start up anymore

    2. Screen Fragments
    3. Computer Freezes
    4. Certain programs do not open at all, like Safari
    While working programs like Safari, Mail. I-photo freezes or Quits by itself
    Systems Preferences sometimes do not open

    6 visits to the Apple Store Concierge and/or Apple Authorized Service for repair.
    At least 7 times computer’s operating system is reinstalled during these visits and repairs.

    • Hardware change in the computer:
    1. LVDS Cable
    2. Logic board
    3. Hard Disk

    Side Notes:
    The computer has been used in different connections and places. The problems occur at all times.
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    mad jew

    Well clearly it's a hardware fault. Maybe it's the graphics card or the RAM. It's pretty hopeless at finding problems, but maybe try running the Hardware Test CD that came with the machine. It may show something although the technicians have probably already used this. Still might be worth a try. :)
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    Pistol Pete


    Sorry for the caps.
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    thanks for your responses. i do have applecare for 3 years already since the purchase.

    none of the tests reveal anything unfortunately. or the tech people do not really search. i do not know being so frustrated.

    do things like system.log in under console type of things show where the kernel attacks come from?

    do you have any suggestions for having apple care replace this machine?
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    mad jew

    Well, your system.log might be recording something useful. Does anything stick out? Has anyone at Apple asked you to log your kernel panics yet? :)
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    I had some of these things happen on my first Powerbook 15" mainly the kernel panics and iphoto losing my photos, DVD's not playing properly etc, iMovie not working.I had the logic board changed which didn't help.
    Finally I had both RAMs replaced and new ones put in and never had a problem again. Later I looked on the receipt for the RAM and saw that one of them was for the 17". Well, your RAM might be the right kind but could be faulty. I've since heard that kernel panics can often be caused by faulty RAM. If you haven't tried replacing them yet then I would suggest that it's worth a try.
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    take photographic evidence and demand a refund.
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    thanks for the responses, I know i am waiting for the kernel attacks with a camera next to the computer ready to take pics/video. The issue may easily be from the RAM, but i am so sick of them repairing/not repairing and changing it all. i want a new one. but if that will not work. i will demand that too. thanks. appreciated.
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    IJ Reilly

    Bad RAM is the most likely culprit, and I'm shocked that nobody at Apple has suggested this. Or have they? You can easily remove the one user-accessible RAM module, on the bottom of the PowerBook. I'd try this before doing anything else.

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