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Keyboard lag in iMessage ios7 beta2

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by TomH TX, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Registered developer, have installed ios7b2 on both an iphone4, and an ipad2. Once I worked through some huge problems with iphoto on the ip4, only significant remaining issue is keyboard lag in iMessage. Anyone else experiencing this? Tried off/back on, and hard reset. When I send messages from the device, they do go out. Just the keyboard lag issue. I did do a search and could not find anything helpful. Thought I would ask on here before I try to report through the developers forum. Thanks.
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    You didn't have the keyboard lag in beta 1?
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    Not like this. Now there is a 5 second delay.
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    I've been running it on an iPad 2 a few hours and haven't notice keyboard lag yet. I did a clean install. I have however just had my first two Safari freeze ups. Other than that it's been fairly decent so far. Haven't gotten around to the phone yet.
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    messages app was freezing on me and the keyboard was lagging too until I turned off iMessage. Then I did a fresh install with iMessage turned on and the lag is all gone.
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    I had this problem on all places where keyboard was shown, did not have this in beta 1, running on a 4S, I had to switch iCloud off before it started working correctly

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