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KeyCase Folio w/ BT Keyboard, Amazon now shipping

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by prot0type, Aug 24, 2010.

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    caught this mention on engadget.com


    - Stylish & streamlined protective leather case designed for iPad.
    - Built-in Bluetooth 2.0 Silicone Keyboard.
    - Quiet keystrokes, dust-proof & spill-proof.
    - Durable Leather Style Exterior.
    - Magnetic fastening secures case closed.
    - Rechargeable battery lasts for approximately 45 hours per charge.
    - Bluetooth keyboard charges using standard Apple power cables.
    - Auto sleep mode when idle for 10 minutes.
    - Easy setup - automatically re-connects when turned on.


    Features of both the keyboard and case look decent.

    I would like to see other case makers take a stab at this as well either using a 3rd party keyboard or even better the Apple BT keyboard.
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    Clam Case is supposed to come out with something in the Fall.

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    Looks like a thick laptop from 2007
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    they need to come out with a case that looks like that, but allows me to slip in the apple BT keyboard, and the Ipad.
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    Yep, I remember that report.

    For some reason I'm turned off by that offering though. I know it's probably not the finished product, but I have a feeling it'll still be bulky, heavier than it should be, and of course pricey.

    KeyCase may be the first of many till someone gets it right, not a bad first step though. If anything Apple should give it a go. Make a ver2 of their iPad case that has the option to stow away their bt keyboard for those that use it.
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    When I signed up to be notified when it was available, I was sent a follow up email asking me what I thought the price should be. If memory serves me, the choices were something like $99, $129 or $179. I chose $129 knowing darn well it will be most likely the $179.
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    My daughter liked it.... I have a few places it would be handy, but not enough to spend $99. Like the other poster said, give me something that holds my apple bt keyboard like that and I'd probably go for it to hqve just in case.
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    If I'm gonna carry that monstrosity I might as well bring my 13" MBP...
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    That image makes it look huge and bulky, but this one not so bad size wise.

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    Chip NoVaMac

    Neat idea if I did not already have the Apple Wireless Keyboard and a Skooba Netmessanger bag that it fits well in. And the Apple Wireless Keyboard allows for easy use with the MPB and iMac I have...
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    I would consider this if the keyboard was removable and if there was a hole for the light sensor.
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    Does anyone know the MSRP on both of these products? I might be interested if it's a reasonable price range (under $60).
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    $99 +
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    I already spent over $300 on accessories alone, I think I'll pass on anything more than $60 from now on, unless it's absolutely amazing...
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    Read a review recently (can't find it now...). The keys are under a rubber membrane and the review didn't like the feel.
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