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Keynote Download?

Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by dancertom3, Jan 8, 2007.

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    Does anyone know if I'm able to download the keynote, as opposed to streaming it?

    I have broadband, but have gone over my download limit (20Gb), and consequently had my speed slowed down to near-dial up speeds. And, as a result, streaming the keynote just won't work. I'd rather watch grass grow.

    Any help?
  2. deejemon, Jan 8, 2007
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    Your limited to the amount you can DL??? That sucks, I think you need a new ISP
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    I think you can do it in vlc, ive managed to save the audio from one but cant figure out how to do the video. I think even this requires the ability to stream it but you might be able to figure it out.

    First you will need the stream adress


    that should be the adress for this years if they do things consistantly.

    then open VLC, choose open network and put that adress in.
    check the advanced output box
    click the settings button
    browse where you want the file saved and name it
    set the encapsulatiton method too quicktime.

    the 2006 macworld stream is


    if you wanna try it out with that to see if you can get it to work.
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    this question has been asked so many times I cant even count them. There have been sites dedicated to allowing you to download stevenotes but the first one, Applekeynotes.com, got shut down by Apple's legal team and the second, Expowiki.org, had so many problems with bandwidth that they eventually closed it too. The only thing I can tell you, is to go get a screen capture program such as Snap X Pro or iShowU, wait about a week after its posted and then screen capture it. I use to help run AppleKeynotes.com and thats how most of our keynotes were recorded. Its a long process and it sucks because if there is a glitch or a hiccup in your connection you have to start all over.

    I personally just keep my eyes glued to any and all p2p/torrent sites I can find for weeks after the keynote goes up. Eventually, someone some where posts it. the last special event was posted I think 3 weeks afterwards and was only on the site for about 2 days and then it vanished for some reason...

    So good luck.
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    mate stick around this forum thread just after the keynote is released for streaming, ill screen capture it and post a link to wherever i post it here. hope this helps
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    It's very common here too, most broadband plans have a download limit. Unlimited plans are very expensive. Not to mention the speed is much lower too.

    Broadband internet here sucks, sure we've got 24mbps ADSL2+ but it costs an arm and a leg and has an artificially imposed (by Telstra who suck) upload speed. It's also only available from the big T in areas where competitors have set up their own competing ADSL2+ infrastructure. :mad:

    I'd love to pay bugger all for a 6mbps unlimited internet plan. My folks are paying $80 per month for 1500kbps with a 12GB limit on downloads after which the speed is capped at 64kbps for the rest of the month.

    It's total bollocks.
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    meh i have 8mb unlimited broadband here in the uk and its £20 ($40 USD) a month, which to be honest is a good price i feel.
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    Damn good, I pay A$30 a month for DIAL UP.....
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    hehe unlucky in uk we get dial up for peanuts these days :eek: if i could give you some of my internet connection i would.
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    elisha cuthbert

    i am on about 60$ a month for internet from optus with a 12GB limit from midday to midnight and between midnight and midday i have a limit of 24GB and when i go over it speed limits me. its actually the best internet i have been on for a while.
    i used to get prepaid internet because my dad refused to link my laptop onto the family account, and the prepaid was about 14$ a month for almost unlimited (with hello internet)
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    Yeah get Optus Cable

    I agree Optus rocks. I am on the same plan and find it hard to use it all up. I have schelduled downloads during the night the speed on cable is unreal. It is also a simple DHCP connection which I am sharing via a G3 tower with two ethernet ports and a wired and wireless network. And it NEVER goes down.

    By the way I work for a company that telstra owns and I would not use them, even with a staff discount!
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    I'm paying $70 for 20Gb limit with a 1500kbps download and 256kbps upload. It was $60 a month with 10Gb limit. It's internode. The speeds are pretty awesome, and we never have any problems.
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    Hmmm I run a SOHO in Uganda, East Africa and pay $600 per month for 36kbps.

    Let's redefine bollocks :rolleyes:
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    Anyone have any ideas why I am able to see the video of the keynote stream but there is no audio?? I am dying to watch this so any help would be great. Thanks.
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    the video feed is probably under an enormous amount of strain right now because EVERYONE including the media who wasn't there is probably trying to watch it. Sometimes it takes a good while before the demand slows down enough for us to watch it with out losing connection or having weird audio/video problems.
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    i managed to watch it pritty much the second it was uploaded, and i had no problems streamed perfectly, there was about a 2ms pause in the middle but that was it.

    steve is the man, :D
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    I really hope the above person follows through on his promise to post links to download this video. or if you want to actually save on some bandwidth, you could just send a private message to me with the link :)
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    I am really surprised it isn't available on iTMS. Seems like a missed opportunity for Apple.
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    Honestly. I really wanna use my RARELY used video feature on my iPod and watch this in bed. Guess not Apple.
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    While I would like a download as well. My companies firewall blocks the streaming server Apple Inc. is using for the keynote coverage (Akamai?) :-(
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    I've no problem with it streaming but I'd like to see a better quality stream - do they do that or will we be stuck with this version?
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    i would of thought you could download (or stream) in HD by now!! lol..
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    I still can't see the keynote and about 12 hours have passed since they made it available! I get a "Foribidden - Live Broadcast Paused error". :(

    The demand must be massive!

    Do US residents get a priority with the bandwidth?
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    Well im in the UK and the minuet it was uploaded on the quicktime events guide, i watched it with no errors or glitches. maybe because i was quick off the mark at watching it, im not sure.

    i hope they make it a podcast

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