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Keynote to be broadcast?

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by MacFan26, Sep 11, 2003.

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    I was curious if Steve's keynote in Paris will be available online, either live or not. I can't remember a Paris keynote ever being broadcast before, but maybe it will this time? (Sorry if this has already been discussed)
  2. TEG
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    To my knowledge, Apple has stopped streaming any keynotes. Sorry Dude.

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    actually, it was in another thread that the keynote wouldn't b streamed live. WWDC they went ahead and put it up a few hours after.
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    Well. That really sucks, I loved watching those online :(
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    You still can. Just hours later. The WWDC stream began its loop about 1 hour after it ended.
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    That's good, I hope they do that this time
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    How long is Steve's keynote going to be? One hour, I assume? The length will affect whether I stay up really late, or get up really early, to see what happens (I'm on Pacific Time).
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    I believe it will be approx. 1:30. Last year's keynote ran just over 90 minutes. :)

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