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keyword ranking on google???

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Consultant, Jul 27, 2009.

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    Looking for a site that gives keyword ranking of a site on google. SEO Analyzer?

    The search would search
    - keywords: such as widget services
    - url: such as something.com

    And it would look up the page rank google search result is for your site with those keywords. I am surprised google doesn't have a tool like that.

    I've search this and related keywords: key word rank google. That just produce a bunch of junk sites, such as:
    -googlerankings.com looks promising but why does it need a developers key from google?
    -seochat.com has a drop down to search according to "data center". WTF?
    -tools4google.com does not work at all (and if it works it's limited to 5 searches)
    -tools.seobook.com/firefox/rank-checker/ requires account, and mentiones free x value too many times (well if you are giving it away with advertising, then why does it have a "price"?)
    ugh, too many bad sites...
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately those don't work.

    First site is way off on the price. I put in a site that was sold for 5 figures and it thinks it's worth a few hundred dollars.
    Second site requires email address for report.
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    So sign up for a(nother?) gmail account. They're free, you know.
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    You're not finding a free, quick, easy, and accurate way to check rankings for a given site because Google doesn't like automated queries directed to their servers.

    Have you read Google's Webmaster guidelines?

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    Doh! Thanks.

    Well as I said I am surprised google doesn't do it.

    It's faster than doing the keyword, and look at the pages manually (search with browser) to find the fricken page rank. I think that puts more load on google server than just providing a number.
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    Checking a new site ranking for the term "widgets" isn't going to give you much useful info if the site only shows up on page #99 of a Google search. But... if that site has any sort of (real world) ranking you should be able to use its log files (w/the help of website analytic softare) to tell what keywords/keyword-phrases have achieve ranking of some note. A given site might "rank high" for some keywords, but if they're keywords people use (popular keywords) then the traffic should show up at the site, and the log files can provide the details. On the other hand, "high rankings" for some keyword combo no one uses should show little or no traffic coming to the site.

    Google Analytics can be a useful tool...

    But, if you want some idea of "rankings", you could sign up for Google Webmaster Tools which will give a list of the "top search queries" for a given site, along with page ranking for each query.

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