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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by snowboarder, Apr 13, 2010.

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    That's it, no more MBA...
    I guess we should be happy there are still some notebooks made by Apple. :(
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    Uh, what?
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    Looks like it's still there to me.
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    By the same logic the Mac Pro is dead too.

    Finally, I hope Apple learned its lesson and starts making decent computers like the iPad. Who needs those other computers anyway. They will be all killed within a year, because there was no update to them.
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    LOL! I don't think the MBA is "killed". But considering the relatively minor upgrades to the 13" MBP, I think the MBA will at best see a spec bump relatively soon (graphics upgrade and faster processor (2.2 and 2.53?)) and there is a larger overhaul (with design change, larger battery life, glass trackpad etc) in the works. It's a great computer in the lineup that I hope doesn't die. There definitely is a market for it, if they up the specs
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    Yeah, Apple TV is still there too...
    Come on, be realistic. It's gone, dead.
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    i'm with you, if they were going to update it wouldn't they have updated it today??
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    Same reason they didn't update the MBPs last Tuesday and have a bunch of Apple news all in one week/day. Either a) they're still working on it, b) they want to stretch out news coverage so that nothing gets overlooked or c) they are waiting for a bigger update to it, which is still a bit away.
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    a) I don't see this one being probable since soldering 4 gigs worth of ram on a logic board and putting a 2.26ghz processor in doesn't take too much work.

    b) It's not like they had a keynote today, they put the new machines on the website, hardly think adding an updated MBA would cause for machines to be overlooked.

    c) You really want to wait for a bigger update? This computer has been the same since oct. 2008, how much more time would you like?
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    Precisely why I think a larger update than a spec bump (more RAM, faster processor) is necessary. It's missing many features of the newer laptops and the design hasn't changed in all that time.

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