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King's Quest for Mac

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ColoJohnBoy, Oct 5, 2003.

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    Why has Sierra never ported any of the King's Quest games to Mac? They're some of my favorite games, but I don't want to put Virtual PC back on my PowerBook just for them (Well, and Kazaa, but that's not necessary). Anyhow.
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    I have a very old copy of Kings Quest for Mac. It's on 5 800kb floppies!
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    LOL!! Wow. I haven't had a PC that had a 5 1/2" floppy drive on it since 1995. Anybody make a USB connecting floppy drive? Does your copy of King's Quest run on Classic? I'm somewhere halfway in between delight and surprise.
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    Of course they make one ;)


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    Kings Quest does work in Classic. It's very slow and it's strange to be working on a Cinema Display in 256color. Is this such a great game? It's very tedious. My son used to play it when he was 6 years old.

    If I go to my storage room, I could get the disks. Maybe there's a way to get them to you if you pay postage. I think we're ready to give it up.
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    800 KB floppies are not 5 1/2", they're 3 1/2". Same size as the ones that Windows PC currently have. But you can't read them with a PC drive (actually the drive is capable of reading them but the drive controller isn't).
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    I thought 3.5" floppies were 1.44 MB? Oh well. And thanks, tazo. I am aware of those USB drives, but I was talking about ones for the ghetto-old 5 1/2" floppy discs - the big black ones.
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    there used to be single sided 360K (or something) disks, and double sided disks at around 800K (720 on the ATARI ST). Then they released the 'high density' 1.44Mb disks which used to be really expensive... man I feel old :D
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    If you want to get really technical, I believe you used to be able to format both low and high density 3.5" disks as 1 or 2 sided--I'm almost positive there used to be an option in the format dialogue. The four sizes would then be 400/800K and 720K/1.44MB.

    Of course, formatting them as one sided just halved the capacity, so I have no idea why you'd want to do that...

    On the original question, what I want to see is a Mac compatible version of some classic Ultima games. Ultima V for the Apple was one of my all-time favorite RPGs and I'd still like to finish it, but I've never figured out a functional way to make images of the disks so I can run it through an Apple emulator. I have an LC with the Apple compatibility card somewhere, too, so it seems like there otta be a way to do it through that...
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    Even more so, there were 3.5 inch in the following:

    1D (single-sided, single-density (180KB)
    1DD (single-sided, double-density (360KB)
    2DD (double-sided, double-density (720, 800, 880)
    FD 1.44MB
    QD 2.88MB

    There were no 5.5 inch diskettes, but there were 5.25 inch, as well as 8 inch, 3 inch, and 3.25 inch.

    I remember playing various Sierra games on my Atari ST when the new SGI (Sierra Games Interpreter?) was released. I believe that it was released for all 68000 platforms, including Mac, at the time as well as x86 and Radio Shack Color Computer 3. This would have been around 1988.
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    I am sure you will be able to download it from a Mac abandonware site, (macintosh garden?)

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    Sorry, yeah I was talking about the 5.25 inch discs. :p You'll have to forgive me - I didn't start using any sort of personal computer regularly until 1992, so my knowledge of technology before t hat is somewhat lacking.

    Could someone point me in the direction of these abandonware sites? Even if I can't get the latest KQ games for Mac, it still might be fun to play the old text-entry ones.
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    Oh wow King's Quest! That brings back memories, I used to play it on my Sega Master System. Awesome game indeed.
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    There is a hotline server called Retro Mac 68k with heaps of old stuff on it. I used it to get my old 512k Mac going again. I had to transfer the disk images over to an old Perfoma and then "transfer" them to floppies (I had to stop myself from typing "burn"). I still remember helping Dad set it up in 1985 and putting in the Guided Tour disk for the first time.... aahhh, those were the days. If I can find the address I'll post it for you.
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    blast form the past

    Yeah, wow. What a blast from the past. I used to play King's Quest on an IBM PC Jr.
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    I'm not sure if posting this address is against the rules, so please delete my post if it is. The hotline server i referred to is at retromac68k.dyndns.org, and the l/p is retro.
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    This seems like a good thread to ask in... did they ever make an enhanced version of Kings Quest 5 or 6 on CD-rom for mac with speech?

    Thanks :)
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    And to further complicate matters, Windows 95 came on 1.7 MB floppies, using a proprietary MS format that they called DMF (distribution media format I think). But they were exceeded by IBM OS/2, which came on 1.86 MB XDF (extended disk format) floppies. The 1.7 and 1.86 MB floppes were the same physical disks as 1.44s (although they probably went through some special checking to ensure they used the best quality ones).

    Some versions of Mac OS can format to 1.6 MB too. I think it might also depend on the drive. I've never done it, but I have seen a 1.6 MB option when doing an Erase Disk in System 7.

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