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Kingston Valueram on Dual G5!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Jon'sLightBulbs, Dec 28, 2005.

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    Has anyone tried this ram with the dual cores? With success? What other cheapie ram have people used with success?

    p.s. I know valueram is not guaranteed compatible with any Apple comp.
    p.p.s. I know Crucial is the BEST way to go.
    p.p.p.s. By cheap I mean cheap.
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    I have never heard of this RAM so I wouldnt know but I would like to make an interesting point.

    People spend over £1500 on a computer but then want to try and scrimp on RAM, what is the price difference between the two makes?

    I am not having a go at you, I just find peoples logic strange!
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    Ahhh... $#!*, I'm such a sucker for punishment.

    ValueRAM has had a pretty consistent track record of not working in Macs. I don't know specifically about the DDR-2s in the DC ones.

    The cheapest manufacturer-guaranteed-compatible RAM appears to be the OCZ Technologies OCZ25331024V -- however I personally would still stick with Data Memory Systems

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    yeah who spends 1500 dollars and up on a powermac and then gets the cheapest RAM possible.....not a good idea.
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    You should be fine with those Kingston RAM. Since I have 2 OEM Samsung 512MB RAMs (cheapest RAM @ NCIX) installed in my PM G5 1.6 about 2 1/2 years without a single problem. My G5 running 24x7 under very heavy usage (RAW processing, database).

    BTW: I've tried at least 2 brands (all OEM RAM) of RAMs on my G5, my GF's iMac G5, and I haven't had any compatible issue at all.

    Hope this helps. :D
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    After G

    Looking for bargains isn't cheaping out.

    For what it's worth, I used generic RAM from Fry's Electronics (whatever stick they decided to give me) and it worked like a charm.

    There are certain benefits to higher-quality RAM; however, I would not notice the difference on my iBook, based on my usage. I think I would notice the 4200 rpm hard drive more. And I will probably have a better computer long before the memory will crap out.

    Just make sure the generic RAM is worth the potential hassle (for me, Fry's was right next door so I could practically walk for an exchange). Don't go spending $100 worth of gas to save $20 on a stick of RAM with so many exchanges.
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    Sorry, you cannot extrapolate your experience with Samsung DDR PC3200 RAM in a different machine, to a particular Kingston DDR-2 533 MHz in a new Dualcore.

    The Samsung PC3200 was a decent choice for your PowerMac 1.6, and it's not surprising they work well.

    Kingston ValueRAM has not been a good choice for PC3200 or PC2700 SODIMMs in Macs. We don't know (yet) on the DDR2-533s.
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    Alright, I don't have experience with Kingston ValueRAM on my G5, but I just want let him know there are much more choices than only getting the Over-Priced ones.
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    Compatible cheap ram is compatible ram. I have no problem skimping on ram for my 2 grand worth of computer... think of all the extra ramen noodles it will buy!
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    Alright, I'm buying 4 gigs of cheapie Kingston Value Ram this week. If it works, all the Crucial fanboys can bite me :)
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    Make sure before you lay your money down that you have a 100% refund ability if you choose to send them back.
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    I've had consistently bad experience with the stuff...in x86 machines, so I certainly wouldn't want to put it in a good machine like yours.

    OtherWorld Computing does quite well with all of my RAM needs for my Macs.
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    Thanks, Trevor, in all seriousness. Hopefully I'll have the same great luck with this cheap Kingston stuff as I did with my 1ghz PB 12.
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    Ram is ram, it either works or it doesn't..... If you find cheap ram that works fine, what's the problem. (well a problem can be that cheap ram is less likely to work, but if it works it's just as good as the expensive stuff)
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    The RAM isn't the problem because it's generally the same quality. The support chips that actually make the stick work are the problem. That's how some RAM sticks are cheaper than others.

    Does it matter? Ask me about the machine that re-booted by itself over 30 times in one day until we removed the Kingston ValueRAM.
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    More expensve ram chips are generally more expensive simply because they have better latency... which isn't an issue on macs because it's not easy to change the latency on them for the end user.... BIOS however makes doing that pretty easy, so your pc gamer who builds their own can buy expensive ram and use it to overclock and tweak the latency for performance. If you're not going to do that cheap ram will be just as good, if it works in the computer without rebooting 30 times. :p
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    iMac RAM: Kingston?! Please help...

    Hi all,

    Been trying to shop for RAM upgrade as well and happens to come across the Kingston:

    KVR533D2N4/1G 128M x 64 533MHz CL4
    533MHz PC2-4300 DDR2 DIMM,240-Pin,1.8V

    I wont mind getting Crucial but where I am I cant really get it. Should I go ahead and get the Kingston? Anyone have experience yet with the RAM?? Please advice and help, greatly appreciated.
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    Hey Jon'sLightBulbs, please update once you install the valueram from kingston. I'm curious if it'll work on the dual G5s
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    corsair's value select has proven more stable than the factory RAM modules in my dual 1.8.

    4 pairs of 512 PC3200.

    it was considerably cheaper than the "certified" RAM that gave me kernel panics and had to be replaced.

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    You have the new iSight iMac G5 1.9 or 2.1? (If not, you're looking at the wrong modules)

    As stated in this (and maaannnyyy other threads) the Kingston ValueRAM like all other generic RAM is not tested or guaranteed to work in your Mac. It may, or it may not - you don't know until you test it yourself. Why can't you rely on someone else's reporting of their experience on a generic?
    1) If they don't have your exact model Mac, it doesn't apply. You can't generalize
    2) THe RAM manufacturers change the build of their generic modules ALL the time, so the ABC1234/1024Mb you buy today may be a completely different design than the ABC1234/1024Mb that the other poster bought last month.
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    Well... talking from experience with Kingston Value Ram in my PB. I'd advise against it. Not a good brand with Macs. I've had problems even getting Crucial to work in my PM. So.. Good luck, and we told you so if it doesn't work. BTW: I'd run the system test several times. After that, we now get to blame any sort of KP on your RAM... Be advised. :rolleyes:
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    I now purchase all my ram from OWC also. They have great customer service and offer a variety of shipping options (FedEx, DHL, UPS and Priority Mail). OWC's only downside is the hefty restocking fee (15%).
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    Yeah - that's one reason I like Data Memory Systems in the USA best, expert, fast service and absolutely no B.S.
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    Artful Dodger

    As I put in another thread, $380 US for the 2gig stick for the "new" iMacs which I don't think is bad at all.
    For the Rev.B iMacs $93 US for the 1gig stick ;)

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