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KRK rp8s? are they already decoupled?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by theapex, Apr 5, 2008.

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    I was looking into purchasing some MOPADs for my studio monitors. And I ran across a user review for the krk rp8s that says the rubber foam stuff on the bottom of them makes them already be decoupled....so you don't have to buy MOPADs (or a similar product) for them.

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    lmaooo. dont believe it the bottom of the krk rp8 are made of the same material the rest of the top or side of the monitor is made of.

    i have mo pads under them and they position the monitors better and even when they are being playing loud they dont vibrate the desk one bit nor have they even moved from the position i set them in over 6 months ago.
    sound quaity is also a bit less muddier and cleaner
    there worth the 40 bucks.
    also keep in mind if you havent bought the rp8s yet they have new mackies out that are much powerful supposedley a better set of monitors n ther the same price as the rp8s.

    make sure you kno if the monitors are too powerful for your room or not that makes a difference
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    I do already own the RP8s and what exactly is model number and stuff of the new mackies. I got a great a deal on my rp8s ($400 for the set, and that included a 2 year no questions asked warranty.)
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    The way I've heard it is you're not supposed to decouple your monitors as it prevents them from shifting bass properly as they flap about instead of move air. Heavy duty stands are what you want.
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    doesnt make much sense. the point of decoupling them is to stop them from vibrating your desk and rattling everything around you.
    stands are a way to decouple them but if your monitors are rattling off them and falling off your desk then whats the point ?
    a set of mo pads stop all of that
    for me they have increased sound quality and accuracy which is the point of monitors
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    thats a great deal i paid 600 but i also got the rp10 sub with them.
    hr8 i think you can google it and u can prolly find it.
    i read your post wrong i thought u were considering buying rp8s
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    i tried mopads. the only sonic difference i noticed was the change of speaker height.

    if you want to make a real difference in your room, put in some basstraps, like the kind from Realtraps or GIK Acoustics.
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    if the hr8s are better monitors I could sell my rp8s and not lose much money on them...(IF ANY) they are barely over a month old and like I said they have a 2 year no questions asked replacement warranty on them. I could sell them and get the mackies that you talk about....if they are better.

    come on zim...speaker height? that's all? do you want to sell them?
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    that damn right true. but anyone buying rp8s and using as there main monitor its reason why there buying them. its because there budget monitors.
    vs buying some adams or genels. room treatment costs dough!.
    i think the 40 bucks for the mopads are worth it.
    i dont have any room treatment and dont plan on getting any either no real reason why. its just cause my mixes come out souding how i want them too so for me theres no point. i kno my monitors and thats what works for me. loll!
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    I hate it when people say "budget this or budget that" isn't everyone (even the top studios) on some type of "budget"?

    and then on top of that HOW ARE SOME $500 MONITORS BUDGET LOL!!!!!!!!

    I would consider the like $150 pair of m audio's "budget"...like that price range or the $100 m audio (best buy). Those are the one's that if I was going to say "budget monitors" those are what I would call budget.

    know what I'm saying?????

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    LOL i get you but 500 monitors are budget speakers when you are comparing them to what studios have. now any person spending 4 grand or thousands of dollars on 2 speakers i wouldnt consider that a budget because to the avg person spending thousands of dollars or even 1000 dollars on 2 speakers is just insane. they would come at you and say they can get a home theathre system with 15 speakers for 850 at wall mart! LOLL!!!!

    dont feel bad man i have the rp8s too if i could i would trade them up for some adam a7's. but do i feel like i need them NAHHHHHH!!!!!!
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    If the monitors are half decent then they won't rattle. But adding decoupling rubber/foam is just going to allow them to move even more isn't it? If they do move about I suggest adding weight to them (i.e. books on top).
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    As in you won't hear them rattle, but they'll still be moving themselves instead of air. There's plenty of great reasons for sonic isolation of turntables but I still don't see why you would want to decouple your monitors.
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    because coupling them to any device (like a desk) can cause that device to resonate at certain frequencies. you'll get the same monitoring problems as you would with room nodes.
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    Hence the use of speaker stands?
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    yes. the stands are decoupled from the floor, so now my floor no longer acts as a resonator.
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    I still don't see the point. I would've assumed that the added mass would prevent the floor resonating. But I'm not an expert in such matters.
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    i would say get speaker stands if you wanna spend more because they are more money. the cheaper ones are just stands and the ones that really help keep the monitors from vibrating and essentially do what the mo pads do costt a ton more. im sure over 100 bucks.
    if you have a treated room get the stands if your room isnt treated get the 40 dollar pads
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    thanks for the comments...

    but back to my original question....

    are the krk rp8s already decoupled because of the padded foam that is on the bottom of the speaker.

    to be honest I never hear any thing vibrating. i really never thought of it until I ran across the MO PADS. I just want everything to be in order.
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    thats what it looks like with the mopods.
    i dont remeber any pads or rubber feet on the bottom of the rp8s.
    all i know is the 40 bucks spent for the mo pads were worth it.
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    Nice Setup btw. I really need a desk like that. Do you use those tiny monitors as a reference? Not to be pedantic but the mopads are going to make them vibrate more aren't they? Furthermore you have your speakers right against a wall which will skew bass response a tad. I'm the same, it just seems so impractical to put computer in the middle of the bloody room.
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    Small speakers like the RP8s will sound better against the wall - they're designed to sound their best with bass reinforcement from a wall/surface behind them...
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    i think you'd be better off by sticking a few bass traps in your corners. if you want to do it on the super-cheap, track down some Owens-Corning 703 sheets, 4' x 2', and straddle some of those in your corners. wrap 'em in burlap if you're feeling industrious.

    spending even $40 doing that will have a much bigger effect than those silly mo-pads will.
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    that sounds like marketing hoo-ha to me. are they saying that these monitors aren't meant for a properly treated room? or that they're bass-shy if you move them from the walls?

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