La Playa Hotel Lifts 30-Year Ban on Apple Corporate Retreats

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    Back in 1983, Apple's Macintosh team attended a retreat at the La Playa Carmel hotel in Carmel, California, where employee shenanigans resulted in a 30-year company gathering ban from the resort.

    According to SFGate, the La Playa Carmel, which is located about two hours south of Cupertino, recently lifted the restrictions preventing Apple from using the spot for corporate retreats. Apple has already booked an upcoming meeting at the hotel.

    Frank Rose, author of "West of Eden: The End of Innocence at Apple Computer," details the trip in his book, calling it a "college beer blast," where the Macintosh team went skinny dipping and had a bonfire.
    Following the hijinks, the Macintosh team was asked to leave and to never return, a ban that has been revoked after the hotel went through both a remodel and a change of ownership.

    The new La Playa Carmel hotel offers ocean view hotel rooms, meeting facilities with team building activities like golf and sailing, lush gardens, and the infamous pool where Apple employees once skinny dipped.

    Article Link: La Playa Hotel Lifts 30-Year Ban on Apple Corporate Retreats
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    Sounds like a party I wanted to be at!
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    I bet when they go there again, Safari will feel snappier ;)
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    Wow. Who would think these nerds were worse than deadheads going to Shoreline Amphitheater.

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    Oh Hell make it a 60 year ban - Whoot! Whoot!
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    Regardless to the the change in ownership and the renovations, it has been 30 years ;)
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    Will we get to see scenes based on the event in the upcoming movie on the history of Apple/ Jobs? :)
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    Whats the bet at there upcoming meeting they skinny dip in the pool again and get another 30 year ban!
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    Might just be me, but those shenanigans makes me have more respect for them. I pray to all the deities that they do it again!
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    I stayed there once. Good for ocean view, but it's a fairly standard 3-star hotel, nothing extravagant like the photos indicate. For my money, I would stay at Tickle Pink Inn (similar price but much nicer).
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    nerd party!
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    ...and a big-ass chess board!
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    No, that's a regular-sized chessboard in a tiny-ass garden.


    I hope they've cleaned the filters since then. People were pretty hairy in the early 80's.
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    Of course the board is set up wrong...
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    Battlefield Fan

    This one made me laugh! I had no idea!
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    30 year ban for skinny dipping? Should've been fined instead.
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    How awfully disrespectful of them.
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    They should so build a bonfire and go skinny-dipping.
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    It's the hotel's loss. They lost 30 years worth of skinny dipping revenue. :)
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    woz was gettin weird in dat joint!
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    Title should read "30 year ban expired"
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    Probably stunk up the place with lead fumes and burnt a hole in a mattress with a soldering iron. Hooligans *shakes fist*
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    It was a permanent ban, not a 30 year ban.

    It ended 30 years later only because the hotel changed ownership/management, and the new powers-that-be decided to lift it, not because it "expired".

    The wording makes it seem as if it was originally intended to last 30 years. It was intended to be permanent.
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    I hope they do it again. Get drunk and party like it's 1983!!

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