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Lacie DVD Burner (300759U)- Min. Req.??

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by destroyboredom, Oct 6, 2004.

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    I recently bought a Lacie Dual-Layer DVD burner, Lacie part 300759U, I didn't realize at the time that it had minimum system requirements of G4 700mhz.

    Has anyone tried this on a G3? I currently have an 800mhz G3 w/ 640RAM and I'm curious if it's going to work. I imagine it probably won't, but thought there might be a work around.

    I work for a computer parts distributor so returning it for full credit wouldn't be a problem, and I didn't really purchase the unit, it was won through a sales contest. I'll probably end up keeping it anyway because I plan on upgrading soon.(Jan.)

    I feel like a retard, not meeting system requirements for a piece of hardware isn't something I've had to worry about for a while.

    Any help/suggestions is appreciated.

    EDIT: After some brief testing before I head out for the night. I burned over 1GB of data to a DVD as data and everything seems to have worked fine. I'll test burning/backing up some movies when I get home.
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    I don't believe you can burn DVD's with a G3 processor. This is why you never saw a SuperDrive as an option in the iBook until it used the G4 processor. You need to have a G4 processor or higher.

    Also, iDVD as a rule will ONLY recognize SuperDrives installed by Apple so don't expect to be able to use iDVD with that burner.
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    I was able to rip and copy a DVD movie without any problems on the G3, sure it was a little slow ripping and compiling a 4GB image file, but I was able to accomplish it.

    I didn't really have any plans for iDVD so that doesn't bother me (i don't even have iDVD actually), my main concern was being able to burn data for backup/archival purposes and backing up some movies, so I'm pretty happy that I can at least do those things. It's nice because it also gives me a 32x CD-R compared with the 16X internal drive.

    Like I said earlier, I didn't spend any hard earned money on this. It was won through a sales promotion, so I'm pretty happy with it. Obviously it will be alot nicer when I upgrade to a G4 or G5. (Jan-Feb hopefully!)

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