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LaCie now offering a 1.6 Terabyte "Bigger Disk Extreme"

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 12, 2004.

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    Come on 1.6T iPods...

    "Four Hundred Thousand Songs in your Pocket"
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    Introducing the LaCie "Ultra Massive Really Honkin' Much Bigger Disk Extreme Enigma Drive" 500TB. :D

    Stop the insanity!!!!
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    I have to agree - the use of the word "extreme" loses it's flavor when it's used to describe anti-perspirant. But on the other hand, 1.6 TB is really honkin' big.

    It would be nice to see this bring down the cost of the 1 TB Bigger Disk
  5. sjk
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    Nice how vendors can get away with calling a multi-drive device (four, 400GB drives in this) a "disk".
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    Extreme Drool Factor.

    I think if they made an iPod with these drives in them they might have to expand the form factor a little... like a 20 pound 1ft x 2ft iPod with staps that allow you to wear it as a backpack.

    It would probably have 3 minute battery life.

    Back on topic, I could really use one of these giant extreme overkill drives.. I could get rid of the stack of lacie drives I currently have on my desk.
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    I think because it's the products name, :rolleyes: not a descripsion. If you read it states up to 1.6TB.
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  9. sjk
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    Yeah, but it's a misleading product name since it gives the impression that it's a single disk rather than a multi-disk array masquerading as a single one.

    If I were considering buying four, 400GB drives I might sacrifice capacity for a RAID solution rather than risk losing the entire 1.6GB because of a single disk failure in LaCie's "Bigger Disk".

    I'm not criticizing the product, only questioning why it's named/advertised in a way that makes it easier for them to be vague about technical details (I found nothing on LaCie's site, including in the manual) which might be useful for some people.
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    I would be very scared of losing that much data, and I guess there are 4 disks to go wrong :confused: When it comes to having a huge amount of data you will have to start backing up your backups etc.
  11. sjk
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    Yep, that's the vague technicality I've been questioning. The product page says:

    This high-performance drive also allows for native RAID 0 speed without complicated configuration.

    Okay, is it a RAID 0 device?

    Anyway, I'm not buying a drive that costs more than the computer I'm using. :)
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    I've found that now adays most advertisment is questionable. I'm not being a smart ass but ever notice all the fine print on commericials. It's that dark small area that you can never quite read. And how the names of the products or words used to describe the product reflect a different impression than what is actually the truth. And this product is a fine example.
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    Ever see that commercial where some stupid truck pulls a DC-3 around an airplane boneyard and the thing goes airborn? Commercials suck. They don't mean anything.

    "Professional Driver. Closed Course"
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    The capacity is great an all, but these things have got to be the ultimate in suicide RAID (RAID 0, which I assume is what they are?), the chances of you loosing your data is multiplied by 4 times :eek: it only takes one to go and you loose the array, and your data in the process :eek:

    edit: that'll teach me to read through all the posts, I've just seen that others have already pointed this out :cool:
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    Yeah, Apple started us down a slippery slope with this extreme business.

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