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LaCie went bad - how to save info?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by KLJennings, Aug 5, 2003.

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    Yesterday, my LaCie (firewire) drive conked out. I am returning it to LaCie and they are replacing it. Is there any way to save my data? I opened the drive and took out the internal drive and installed it into my G5. I made the internal drive the master and the LaCie the slave. Neither one of them worked. Any suggestions before I ship it off and kiss my mp3s and pictures goodbye? By the way ... my burner conked out months ago, so I didn't have the data backed up. Thanks.
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    Re: LaCie went bad - how to save info?

    Yeah right, of course you did :eek: :rolleyes:
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    Re: LaCie went bad - how to save info?

    Does the LaCie even spin up?

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    No, it doesn't sound like it is spinning. I guess that answers my question.

    edesignuk - what does that mean? I did open it up. After all, it is just a normal drive that is converted to firewire and put in a fancy case.
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    i'm gonna take a guess that he was reffering to your G5

    i had just assumed you meant G4......
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    i didn't even notice the "g5"

    It unfortunately sounds like your data cannot be recovered. My condolences
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    If the case dies, putting it in the computer is an easy recovery method.

    But if the drive itself dies, the data recovery labs are the recovery method. And that is very expensive.

    BTW, what brand of HD died? (what was in the case?)
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    doesn't opening the case usually void the warrenty?
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    Ooops! Of course I meant G4. Just dreaming of my Dual 2 on order! LaCie "gave me permission" to open it. Ya know; I can't remember what was inside. I already have it re-assembled and boxed up; ready to ship back. Sorry.
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    Maybe this will help

    I had a drive fail on me too one time and the application Data Rescue X recovered all the files. The following link will give you more information:


    The important thing to remember is that if you try to re-format the drive Data Rescue will not be able to recover much.

    You also need a drive the same size as the drive that failed. This is so that the contents of the crashed drive can be copied to a safe location.

    Check out www.versiontracker.com and do a search for more disk utilities. In most cases the application DiscWarrior can recover crashed drives but I do not think that is released yet.

    Good luck and for your file's sake, get a working CD-R burner with a copy of Toast.
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    As other's have pointed out, it was the "G5" statement I was referring to :)
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    Were there any weird sounds prior to the drive dying? When it is plugged in and the system is on, do you feel any heat while holding the drive. If you've got a mulitmeter, check to see if the power connection has failed. Do you see any physical damage to the exterior of the interior drive? Can you run an bios level checks from the ide bus? All of these things can help save or at least recover info from the drive. If the info on the drive is important enough, you can send it out (or charge LaCie to do so) and recover the data. I don't know of LaCie's production streams but if they have hard drive clean rooms, platters could actually be transferred (risky, but works.)

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