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laptop + ext. monitor setup

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by bearbo, Oct 11, 2006.

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    i think i want to rearrange my desk, minorly, to have the monitor be right on top of my laptop... can people post your desk setup, especially if you have the ext. monitor above the laptop... (perhaps i need a monitor stand for this, suggestions please!:D )
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    can someone please help?:eek:
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    Look in the "Post Your Mac Setup" thread, theres enough of them.
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    that's a LOVELY setup, provided you live in the attic, which means you are probably a student... (where are your books?)
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    Laptop + ext

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    Here´s another one :)

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    Here's mine:



    Now (moved the PB under the keyboard tray)

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    here is mine...really bad pic, i know, but you get the idea :)

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    cool! thanks for all the posts (and i'll check out the post your setup thread..)

    yesterday i impulsively moved my laptop right below my monitor, and stacked book under the monitor so now the screen is vertically arranged... but i have no idea what wall paper i can use :S
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    Nice chair killp :D i think i might have to copy you and use mine as a chair.
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    my old setup:

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    Your mousepad looks like a sheet of paper.
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    that's because it probably is.

    works well for a glass desk. my fiance had one, and used to doodle something on a piece of paper, and then tape it down using masking tape, since that was semi-opaque. neat effect, and better looking than a mousepad, IMO.
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    that's a cool idea, i have a dark dark glass desk, maybe i'll print something that's really cool and tape it......

    oh wait, i have my ext keyboard and mouse in the keyboard tray :eek:
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    You could still just make some cool designs and make your desk a bit more lively :)

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