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Laptop stand recommendations?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by shakespeare, Jul 18, 2003.

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    What laptop stand would you all recommend for a 17-inch PowerBook?
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    I'm a big fan of the Podmium Cool Pad, its more functional that the iCurve and its ajustable, check out the podmium pad at roadtools.com
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    I have both the portable version of the Podium Cool Pad, and use it while I travel. I enjoy my iCurve for home use because it keeps my computer more at eye level than the podium pad, and it's more stylish IMO. I am not using a 17" (I have a 15" TiBook), but I think the result would be the same. I really enjoy the iCurve, it's a very nice laptop stand. :)
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    Excellent. I think I'll go with the iCurve, because it's going to be in a design studio, and prettiness is therefore important.

    Question 2: What external keyboard should I pair it with? I'll wait for the new Pro keyboard, if you think it's worth it and it'll be out soon, unless you have some other solution.
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    If you just care about functionality, look around the office for things to use. I put an old QIC-40 tape case under each rear foot on my ibook. Lifts the back to give me a slightly better typing angle, lets air get underneath, and the original pads all still make contact so it doesn't slide around. Not fancy but it cost me $0.00 and it's very solid. ;)
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    Personally, I use a microsoft external keyboard and mouse with my powerbook. I'm hooked on the split style keyboards and the extra buttons the nice give me. Microsoft hardware really isn't that bad (except it doesn't always match very well). Exception: I think they have a "Special Edition" (wireless? wired? I don't remember) keyboard that's all white with some of the extra keys silver that matches Apple computer styling (especially iMacs and iBooks) VERY well. In this case, though, if you are bent on getting a great Apple keyboard then you may be able to wait. Nobody knows when (or even IF) new Apple keyboards will come out, despite the evidence. For a keyboard, I'd say your best bet is to shop around and find one that's solid, comfortable, and will match the rest of your setup (especially if its in a design studio!)

    Good luck! :)
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    I have a 17 PB.. I use the iCurve for a stand... no complaints here.... a white apple pro keyboard... and a kensington studio mouse. I just got a 6x8 platinum wacom tablet too. I couldnt be happier with this setup... its a dream come true.

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