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Large and politically motivated signatures

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Wes, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. Wes
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    Cutting to the chase, is there an option not to view signatures? I'm constantly seeing massive election signatures and it's getting on my nerves.

    Political discussions are put in their respective forums this is dragging the debate out into the rest of MR.

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    Here here!! Get 'em out of my face!
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    Savage Henry

    That suggestion get's my vote


    Everyone is allowed an opinion, although I think some opinions don't have to be so large.

    I also think you could have provided a copy of the "Vote Kerry" as well to show that your request is not politically motivated either.
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    User CP -> Edit Options -> Scroll to "Thread Display Options" box -> Uncheck "Show Signatures"

    Enjoy! :)
  5. Wes
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    Great thanks!
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    Singatures are on the whole good. Some witty folk out there (as opposed to mine, it's just boring). I don't want to have to hide them all just because a few people want to shout their message from the roof, so to speak.
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    I suppose it will pass as the election passes... so it is a temporary phenomena, but will probably be replaced by something else equally if not more obnoxious. To me, the political statement is not so bad... it is the LARGE PRINT that glares at you and distracts from everything else.
  8. Wes
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    Isn't the election this November? Hmm it's going to be a long summer without signatures, which usually contain interesting stuff.
  9. arn
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    Staff Member

    Large/obnoxious sigs are not allowed. Will be edited.

    Please report any with the report button.

  10. Wes
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    Thanks arn! I see you've even edited mine for me ;).
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    Nice one Arn :cool: :D
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    I don't know how feasible this would be, not knowing the details of the forum setup, but maybe it would be possible to limit signatures to the standard size of text. Maybe even make them completely plain text (maybe with links enabled). I suppose it does limit some people who use color and such, so it may not be the best idea, but I think limiting size would be great.
  13. job
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    Isn't it already limited?

    Heh, it's funny, I've turned off sigs and avatars under my options. It makes for a much more enjoyable to browse the forums.
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    I would go a step further and propose limiting the number of lines of text allowed... to maybe 3 or 4 max. I think since the re-design of the site, the sigs have started getting a little out of control.

    Don't get me wrong, I like sigs; I just don't like when they distract from the content of the forum.
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    Hate to say it but...

    You may want to put a post on the main page stating why they are not allowed and that it is not a politically motivated reason. I personally was able to ignore them, but they WERE annoying and havig to look at that from now to November would be a pain. Also, state ridiculous ones lwith large graphics and will be deleted with impunity.
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    it kind of reminds me of the old terminal days, people's .plan files would get exceptionally long... mine was several thousand lines at one point :eek: but thankfully i got over that. But inevitably, in that case we had to go to a 5 line limit, which sucked. People should be able to keep these things in check, by themselves.

    i don't really understand the need for signatures that are more than a couple of lines long...

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    I'm happy to see those big obnoxious sig's go away. Being a European I don't care at all who vote's for Bush or Kerry. Some of these sig's got to be so big that they took more space than the messages from those individuals.

    I'm happy Arn fixed this.
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    Thanks ARN!
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    AHHH .plans! Those were the days. A friend of mine spent countless hours reading all of her friend's plans daily... it bugged the ever-living !#@$ out of me. Here's to short sigs!
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    some sigs are quite funny :) others are retarded
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    I have a rather lengthy sig. When mr updated the forums, they put a cap on sig length. I thought my sig took up too much space, but couldn't shrink the font size to make it more reasonable on screen. Asked for a special override to let my sig stay, albeit smaller, so it's not visually distracting. I think a physical size (area) limit might work better to reduce distracting sigs. Probably not a simple matter, though. :)
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    good to see sigs are going to be regulated when i first showed up here last year around wwdc my sig was immediatly requested to be modified and noe i can see why keep up the good work

    i hope they remain very polite like this one

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    What I most enjoy about political signatures....

    ...What I really get a kick out of with political signatures and bumper stickers telling me to "Vote This" or "Vote That" is the entire premise of the thing.

    What do these people expect – that I'm so mindless that I'm going to say, "Oh, you know, I was a die-hard Nader supporter, but now that I've seen this priceless piece of artwork attached to the bumper of this Buick in front of me, I feel that I must vote for Bush!"

    Wouldn't people prefer that others be an educated supporter of their favorite candidate, instead of being swayed by a big, colorful signature with bold lettering?

    Beware the power of stupid people in large groups.

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    Actually, political bumper stickers aren't necessarily meant to change people's minds, but rather to inspire people who already believe the message of the sticker. Seeing the message "Vote Smith" several times a day helps remind people that if they support Smith, they need to go to the polls and vote for her on election day.
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    Interesting. I see your point.

    Hmm ... would they really be considered "supporters" if they aren't going to actually go to the polls and vote for the candidate...?

    Just a thought. Feel free to disregard. :rolleyes:

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