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Large numbers of people not updating to iOS 7?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by gadget123, May 2, 2013.

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    I'm considering not updating of all these rumours are true.

    Apples core fan base won't like it I reckon Apple are trying to please new customers and Android with these low budget iphone rumours and flat OS.

    I can see the profits falling more.
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    You kidding? I got eager to upgrade to iOS 7 once I heard about the new features and flat UI.
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    I'm the opposite. This may be the year I give up on iphone and go elsewhere.
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    I think I'll wait for the preview before I decide whether it's worth boycotting. To be honest, it would have to be REALLY bad for me to not use it.
  5. dhlizard, May 2, 2013
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    Making any kind of decision based on rumors is unwise (not my original word choice :rolleyes:) .

    BTW iOS6 was the most quickly adopted firmware version in iOS history.
    I expect iOS7 will be the same.

    Regardless, already an existing discussion on this here --> http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1576835
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    If for no other reason, I'm ready for a refreshed look simply because iOS has appeared visually the same/similar to how it looks now for quite some time. With such limited customization capabilities compared to an android phone, the new look will be a welcome change for me.
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    as with what we know of ios7, add to that the lack of a jailbreak, ill hang on to my jb device for now.
    for the excitement and initial buzz, ill just update my wife's non-jailbroken 4s :eek:
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    This is ridiculous :p
    iOS6 looks like iOS5: OMG Apple better change for iOS7 or i'm leaving for Android.
    News come out iOS7 is redesigned:OMG why are Apple screwing with iOS? i'm leaving for Android
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    Surely it would be better to wait what iOS 7 is like before jumping ship? All we knows is that the interface is meant to be a little more flat and it is to have less skeuomorphic designs.

    Even that could be false. They're only rumours.
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    i'll accept whatever apple offer :apple:
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    Like any person interested in gadgets and innovation, I embrace change in equal measure.

    I look forward to seeing the new product as we can't all live in the past forever. ;)


    I suggest you do it before iOS 7 is released just in case its actually ok and you decide to stay. Its always best to jump ship whilst in the unknown lol.
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    Yeah rumour's of a cheap/low cost iPhone, to me, gives indication that Apple is feeling the hurt from competition and are now wanting to get a foot hold in the low end of the market, traditionally a place where Apple has no presence. I this this is because Apple want to reinforce to consumers that Apple = premium products.

    But as rumours are rumours, nothing is certain Apple announces anything.
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    The postings are probably written by different people. But even more strange is that the discussion is mainly about the UI, and not the actual functions of iOS. Must be because most of the users are actually satisfied with how it works, as opposed to what I can see with many of the Android users.
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    yes but the thing is it seems everytime something about iOS is announced people come and say they wanted the exact opposite of what was announced.

    Say what you want but iOS works perfectly for 90/95% of its users so obviously people want a different look more than a change on how it works.
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    Yeah, people are strange. ;)
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    I will always upgrade to the newest version :)
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    unbelievable. We don't know what is has but people are already saying they won't install or will leave Apple because of it.

    If it offers 1 feature more than the IOS6 why wouldn't you install - because it doesn't have the 3,000 features you want; because it isn't the most beautiful OS you've ever seen? Maybe you just want to brag to your friends that you left Apple because there are only several great new features but Apple didn't do exactly as you commanded.

    What shallow people we have in this world.
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    I just love how people make premature decisions before it is even announced. Being flat can mean anything. Why don't you make decisions after you've actually seen what it's like?

    Also, Internet forums only represent a small fraction of the entire user base. I'm guessing over 60% of the current iOS 6 users will update their phone when it's out, thanks to OTA updates.
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    Sorry? Can anyone tell me what n earth ios7 looks like? No? Oh well, pointless discussion u til it comes out. How on earth can anyone state whether they will, or won't update without even seeing what it has to offer?


    This. Nothing but OS drama queens.
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    Not for nothing, but where exactly are you going to go? If Apple adopts a flatter design, and you leave are you going to go to Windows Phone, who exclusively use ultra flat design, or android who are going flatter every day?
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    I don't see flat UI coming, and I'm very excited about the redesign. I expect it's simply going to lose the gloss, but still have textures, just like we've been seeing with OS X for the past several years. The shiny pill buttons have been replaced with soft gradients.

    I think the new Music App in iOS 6 is a good indication of where the design is headed. And I think the icons will start to look more like the new Facebook icon.
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    If you're a core fan than go back to the iPhone 3G and roll your OS back to iOS 1.X
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    If there is finally a way to block calls instead of just sending them to VM, I will upgrade without waiting for a JB.
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    Theres a decline button,doesn't that do the trick for you?
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    That sends them to VM.

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