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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by chme6583, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. chme6583, Feb 6, 2008
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    How many terabytes is that?
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    It's 1.9 terabytes. I used to convert at a lot higher quality, then realized I couldn't tell the difference.
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    Wow, that's impressive. I don't have a lot of movies converted yet (only about 200) but I've been doing mostly TV shows. So I've got about 1700 episodes of TV ripped.
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    I was going to do this but then I figured whats the point? How often do I rewatch a movies? Once a year, then at that point I'd rather watch it upconverted thru the PS3 than in reduced quality. I Do this for TV shows where I'm more likely to re watch an episode often
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    I have 1422 episodes converted as well. I am honestly burnt out. I wish I knew someone close that I could trade with. It has been a long process, which started around last April.
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    It's a shame that when Take 2 comes out, you are going to want to re-encode all of those movies to include the 5.1 audio.

    Your machine is going to get a workout.

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    I have 650 movies and 150 TV episodes
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    I know what you mean. Tagging is a killer. This summer my drive with 1000 episodes failed! I had to start all over in July. Luckily I now have an offsite backup because my friend and I have copies of each other's videos. (I do TV, he does movies)
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    Do you convert them each time before you're going to watch them, or lots of films at the same moment? With so many films you'll never get bored... :p
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    It honestly depends on the movie. I've seen Wedding Crashers, Kingpin and any really good comedy 10 times each. The other ones, not so much. It's great to have guests and have such a large collection. Plus my kids, re-watch the same shows 100 times or more.
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    Honestly, I can't think of 1321 movies I'd want to own. I have about 130, and my buying is at a standstill. Popular, current movies are good rental fodder. And even if I were inclined to rip and encode it, I would still have a hell of a time getting to 500.

    I own 300 Warner Bros. cartoons and a few TV series, too.
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    I have to get to my Looney Tunes Disks , those make sense to rip and encode ro have any Cartoon at the touch of you fingers it's such a pain to find them on the disks. I also do TV shows as I ofter will go back and rewatch especially older non serialized shows.
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    I have around 200 films and about 600 TV shows. I run it from an old laptop running solaris 10 & ZFS with lots of usb disks (well 4 750Gb's) in a raidz set. My little mini then has an nfs connection to that. I also run mediatomb on my mini so that the ps3 downstairs can stream the stuff.......but i still prefer my ATV.
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    I have 32 movies at 2.65GB (All SD On my MacBook if you want Mac Pro you have to wait until later) and 20 TV Seasons (All HD 720p) at 1.2GB per show not sure how much in total though.

    BTW the way theres already a thread like this called how organized are your Movies/TV Shows

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    I have about 20 UFC Fights which is basically all I care about.. :D and about 50 HD movies and 100 or so DVDs and 60GB of TV Shows.. not much.. I have a 1TB and i'm down to 65GB
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    So, how's everyone doing this? Obviously you've got Gb's to Tb's of ripped material / iTunes purchases on a hard drive somewhere. Desktop setup or a networked drive and a laptop? How are you viewing with your ATV? Are you transferring favorites back and forth to the ATV drive or streaming?

    Looking for some recommendations and lessons learned. I'd like to pull something together for my extensive DVD collection. I'm sick of flipping through binders of discs. I used to wait for the day I could connect it to my Delicious Library. (great product)

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    I rip each of my DVD's with Mac The Ripper then use the AppleTV preset in Handbrake to convert them to a playable file on the ATV. I then move them to a 320GB HD which is connected via USB to my MBP. Add the tags and comments using MetaX. From there everything is doing from streaming and it's great.
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    When take two comes out are we in fact going to have the ability to encode DVDs ripped through handbrake in true 5.1? I assume that there will have to be an upgrade to Handbrake as well if this happens, correct?
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    Can anyone answer this? VisualhUb update too?
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    good god
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    How is anyone to know this, since the device itself hasn't even been updated yet? My guess, Apple will simply use the MOV container which will allow them to pacakge H.264 video and AC3 audio with their HD rentals. Neither HB or VH can encode into this container, and from what I've heard it isn't an easy/quick thing to add.
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    If you tag via MetaX, I just made them into TV Shows, and typed in the titles, etc. It was an "easy" way to go. Each of the DVDs took me multiple hours -- finding the right chapters, titling the files, etc.

    If you need some art, let me know as I had to create come for a few of the collections.
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    Considering that some of the HD movie rentals have 5.1 pass-through, the answer seems to be "yes". I am sure that the Handbrake developers will work on the update immediately after they get their hands on Take 2.

    I am hoping that the update will be ready within 2 weeks, but it depends on the hoops that need to be jumped through to get the movies and audio to reliably stream to the AppleTV.

    I am still waiting for my MP. But, as soon as I get it, I will be ripping all of my DVDs to the hard drive in prep for the new handbrake update.

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    i have over 1000 movies that all have been bought at the blockbuster and hollywood video where I live. I hold a world record for the biggest dvd collection that hasnt been copied or downloaded

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