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Las Cruces, New Mexico (NMSU Campus)

Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by dethl, Oct 19, 2007.

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    I know there's gotta be a few NMSU MRers out there. Anyway, the campus bookstore will be selling Leopard at 6pm at Corbett Corner for $89 (a real EDU discount!). When I called the bookstore they didn't know if any specials were going on as of yet (like last time where you got a first gen 512mb Shuffle dirt cheap when you bought Tiger).

    If there is anyone else out there interested, post in this thread!

    Addendum: Nothing else is going to be happening sadly. No extra deal like there was with Tiger. Darn.
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    Who can buy from that store?

    Do you have to be a student to buy from your campus store?
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    Have to be a student?

    Don't think so I've bought Apple merchandise at NMSU, no has ever asked me for an ID or any other proof of being student/faculty/staff. However, I am a student, so maybe they're just used to seeing my face.

    Look at it this way, the worst they can tell you is "no." Personally, I doubt that will happen.
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    I'd meet up if I 1) had a car to get down there (damn people who run red lights) and 2) didn't already have an Apple Store up here in ABQ. ;)
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    I think for the release events the bookstore will want a student ID since the price is a promotional one until the end of the month (actually you have to preorder to get the $89 price tag if you don't buy a copy tonight). I think they required my ID when I bought Tiger from them.
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    No one got Leopard tonight. I have a feeling that Apple's involvement with delaying shipments to prevent any early ones may have had a hand in preventing our bookstore from selling on time. I'm highly disappointed in Apple.

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