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Laser etched Powerbook

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 18, 2005.

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    holy crap, that's awesome.

    Now I want to etch my 12".
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    I would definitely do this to my PB after AppleCare expires and it has more scratches/dents then I can count.
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    so is this laser etching only work on the metal powerbooks? I would be curious to see what would happen to an ibook, whether it would just melt i mean or actually be able to display the image.
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    Its "cosmetic" it doesn't affect your computer performance and since its done with LASERs there is no pressure put upon the 'book
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    He isn't pointing out that is will "mess up" his computer. He is pointing out that if he does thatw hile it is in AC (apple care) it voids the warrenty. He doesn't want to have to do it to his PB and then end up runnign in to a problem and Apple refusing to do work on it.
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    Hmm, that's a pretty neat idea. Of course, I would never do that to my baby, but a neat idea nonetheless.
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    Pretty cool though Id never do it with a tarsier. Why would you put a "noctural mammal" on such an expensive piece of hardware. This aint no 12 inch this is a 17 inch.
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    But its purely cosmetic nothing to do with the operation of the machine heck if they do complain they should be fix our scratched 'books
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    quite cool. I'm curious how much money it would take for someone without connections to have that done, and if I could do that for my iBook, or any other random thing I can find in my apartment.

    don't bash the tarsier, he's awesome :cool:
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    I'd love to etch my name on the bottom of my PB.
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    Very cool.

    I wonder if Apple will ever provide something like this (partnered with someone else or on their own). I'm sure plenty would pay a premium for a customized laptop look.

    Beats the hell out of slapping a sticker on things. :)
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    Kind of like ColorWare
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    pretty cool, but i would never choose that design on my powerbook.

    gettin your name etched would be great for me, but really screws with your resale value.
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    True it is just a cosmetic addition, but I would not want to have apple declare this a unauthorized modification. Besides, the modification would distract the eye from any little damage :)
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    A tarsier? A loris is a no-brainer, perfect for a PowerBook. Even a marmoset. But a tarsier? :confused:

    As for warranty, I bet Apple COULD refuse service, but you'd could also probably talk them into doing it anyway. Just added hassle. However, if any service required work on the case (I don't know, a hinge or backlight issue?) they'd be more likely to refuse that, if your modified part would be affected.

    The truly clear-cut situation, of course, is if any issue occurs that might have resulted FROM your modification, and you can't prove otherwise. Then you'd wish you'd waited. I can't imagine such a clear-cut issue in this case, though.
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    Only issue is that it kills the anodization in that area, so I believe without a sealer it would tarnish easily...
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    Every city should have a company that does laser etching. Check with signmakers, rubber stamp makers, and engravers who specialize in logos, nametags, ID's, etc. A little exercise in the Yellow Pages will find you the place.

    The laser's pulse can be varied over a wide range, so it can be used on plastic, paper, wood, metal and rock. Years ago I went to MacWorld, and had a batch of wooden letter openers made, with my website and company name burned onto it with a laser - I gave those away as promos.
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    So would you prefer a wider animal for a 17"? A dachshund, perhaps? ;)
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    it does make you wonder if someone at apple is thinking that's a good idea. they're already doing it with ipods, so why not powerbooks. depending on what you would be able to engrave, i'd certainly pay an extra $100 for apple to do the engraving and keep it under warranty.
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    So let me see if I've got this correct. I can picture the commercial now...

    Laser Engraver: $20,000
    17" Apple Powerbook: $3,000
    Engraved picture on said Powerbook of a f*cking rat: WORTHLESS!
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    It's a cool technology, but that picture is an awful choice. I would be downright embarrassed to pull that out in public.
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    That is very cool!
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    I agree, its looks a bit scary. It would be good for maybe company laptops to put their logo on it.
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    That's pretty neat. Don't think I'd ever want that for myself...but still.

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