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Last Chance for AppleCare for Early iPhone 4 Adopters

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 21, 2011.

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    iPhone 4 owners who purchased on or soon after launch day last year (June 24, 2010) will soon see their factory warranties expire. Warranties on most Apple products are good for one year.

    Current iPhone 4 owners can look up exactly when their warranty is up can do so at Apple's Support site, simply by entering their iPhone serial number on Apple's website. That online form will tell you exactly when your warranty expires.


    That date is notable as its the last chance customers are able to purchase AppleCare for their iPhone 4. For $69, AppleCare extends the original iPhone factory warranty to two years total and includes unlimited phone support. The one year anniversary is more notable this year as Apple has not introduced a new iPhone to take the iPhone 4's place.

    While the merits of any extended warranty are always up for debate, if you're interested, the process to buy AppleCare can be done entirely online, as long as the original factory warranty hasn't expired. In the past, Apple has been known to offer warranty coverage to users for a limited time after the factory warranty expires, but generally not for more than a few weeks.

    Article Link: Last Chance for Apple Care for Early iPhone 4 Adopters
  2. RMo
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    (I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but...) How is this news? Do they post this every time it's been exactly one year since Apple Product X launched?

    I guess the iPhone is probably the most popular device, but I suspect most people savvy enough to read this site have a good idea of how AppleCare works.
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    Hmm... I should get my home button looked at before my AppleCare is up. Multi-tasking has practically killed it.
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    Conspiracy: they get kickbacks from Apple for this

    Non-conspiracy: MR is just looking out for you, and to be the source to have said: "toldja so."

    Same reason they reveal rumor news: so people aren't surprised when they decide to buy outdated hardware days before the new generation comes out.

    Come on people. Who cares?
  5. arn
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    I got my iPhone 4 replaced due to home button issues just a few days ago. I don't have Apple Care, so that's on my original warranty.

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    I just looked up my serial number and it says that it is under AppleCare and it expires on June 23, 2012 yet I never purchased AppleCare for my iPhone. I am 100% sure I did not buy it since I get a new iPhone every year. (Eligible every 12 months from AT&T)
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    just got the back panel replaced yesterday on original warranty.. all is good. a little sketchy going into the apple store with iOS 5 installed ;)
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    Is this the ONLY chance to extend AppleCare for early iPhone 4 adopters? Say it expires, can't I just buy AppleCare a month or two later?
  9. koa
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    Buy phone and applecare with a CC that extends the warranty for a year and you will be fully covered for a total of 3 years. AmEx is very liberal on coverage and just credits you account.
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    ...... What about this instead??

    A better front page article would have been Larry Jordans Updated review and tips and opinon on the New Final Cut X .... Maybe you guys can do that instead.... Larry assures that everyone will be using FCX in 18months....

    Just trying to help the new guy :)
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    Macrumors is now running according to Apple Store employee guidelines.

    ("Push the AppleCare!")
  12. arn
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  13. iDisk, Jun 21, 2011
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    Does it really matter when people generally replace the iPhone yearly or get it replaced because "it broke"... besides isn't the new one arriving in the Fall? Apple caters to the iOS devices so a need for applecare isn't needed based on my experience.

    Lol I remember those days

    Lol my bad ... Thanks,.. even though I read the blog already
  14. arn
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    Except there is no yearly (yet) iPhone this year. I personally don't get AppleCare on anything. I did get my iPhone 4 replaced under warranty a few days before that warranty expired, however. Me bringing it in was triggered by my awareness that my year was almost up.

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    As Steve would say:

  17. Mal
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    No. There is often a two-week or so grace period in which they will still allow you to purchase AppleCare, but officially if you are even one day over you won't be allowed to purchase AppleCare. Basically, don't even think about counting on being able to buy it after your warranty expires, because the official answer is no.

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    Wow, you're even earlier than Apple to remind me of this. :eek:
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    What is this, an advertisement?
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    MR would be really dumb if they don't receive anything from Apple for posting this "ad". :D
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    My serial number shows up as the phone warranty expiring on June 22nd. Kinda stinks that I don't even get a year warranty!
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    How funny, I actually thought of this earlier today as my home button has pretty much stopped working (and has for months) and looked to see when my 1 year of AppleCare is up. I usually update every year, so I never bothered to get it, but with this year's new update schedule, I knew I was getting close. I have another month, but I've already scheduled my genius bar appointment to get it replaced as soon as possible!

    And I love the people complaining or saying this is some sort of ad... Maybe it is, it probably isn't though, but it's a good reminder. If it's that big of a problem for you, move on and stop wasting your supposedly precious time commenting on this "non-story".
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    I can appreciate that sense of timing and urgency, but does that qualify it for a Front Page story? None of the information is new, rumored, or even an amalgamation of previously disparate information. Quite frankly, it reads like product placement.
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    Would you buy the new iPhone when it releases? I ask because, Apple did a great job with the iPhone 4 and I don't see much in regards to hardware that could warrant a must have upgrade besides better optic cameras and maybe more ram to accommodate.
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    Thinking about taking mine in for the exact same issue. Luckily have a few days left. Thanks for posting this. Most of us find it helpful. Others, well...:rolleyes:

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