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last hardware question... i think...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by AWishForNoOne, Jan 13, 2003.

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    as you can tell by my last two posts i'm really interested in buying a whole bunch of new mac stuff but even though it's all good now, i don't want to end up buying something and have it get even better the next day (i know this is the usual mac curse.) so anyways, i'm looking into an imac and predictions for an update or complete change would be much apreciated.
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    you won't see the imac have a *complete* design change...

    things you may possibly see in the next few months would be including firewire 800, ability for airport extreme, speed bumps, and LCD size/ratio changes
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    Re: last hardware question... i think...

    It's possible/probable (I'd figure 50-80% chance) that the iMac line is upgraded in late Jan.-early Feb. I'd probably recommend waiting until then, and if there's no update then, just bite the bullet and buy. It's not worth waiting forever when there are some great models already out.
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    Re: last hardware question... i think...

    Well it is any computer buyer's curse. Not only Mac users. But as others have said, the likelihood of an update to the iMac line is very high in the next few weeks (I would say before the end of february: it has been 6 months or so since the last update at MWNY and usually the upgrade cycle is 5-6 months so it should be really soon). But I don't think you will see massive upgrades: maybe a speed bump, upgraded graphics cards, Bluetooth integrated, Airport Extreme... well if all this happens that's not too bad.

    Patience (but as soon as you see the update don't hesitate...)


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