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Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by J0415, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Although I do not have any specific sources to cite from, I got word from a trusted source (working a high-paying management job at Apple Taiwan) about two of the announcements expected tomorrow.

    1) iPhone. OK, this may seem like pure speculation but friend at Apple knows it. This is expected to be announced tomorrow. The name is not confirmed. I was only told that Apple Taiwan is busy preparing the promotion of an "Apple cell phone".

    2) iPod shuffle. I havent seen any rumors of this in any forums yet. The new shuffle has the same external design, no appearance changes. What has changed is its battery, which has improved. There is also supposed to be an added feature "cross-over computer software". Not sure what this does though.

    Thats all I could get. I've already said too much. :cool: (If this wasn't the night before MWSF I wouldnt even be posting this)
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    Scarlet Fever

    i trust you that you got this info from a reliable source, but you must understand that an updated shuffle is very hard to believe, as they had a major revamp just months ago.

    If you are right, you'll become somewhat popular around here :D
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    i guess there will be a hundred more of these posts today!! :(
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    i really hope your not lying, like a hell of alot of people trying to claim to know some one. the problem with this is that some one out of allthese 'claims' will make the correct predictions, wether they actually knew some one at apple or not...guess work is what prevails.
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    After G

    If the shuffle part's true, glad to have waited for the software. :D
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    Im not lying. I just hope my friend ain't lying LOL.

    Personally, I think the iPhone is very plausible. The iPod shuffle update not as certain, but I am just reporting what he told me. I know my he does have access to inside information due to the nature of his job. Last time, he had a chance to take home a second generation Nano to play with before they were announced. But then again maybe the shuffle update could be just shipped out quietly without an announcement... since its not really a major update to it??
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    Im sure he'll slip something in about better battery life if the shuffle does get it. but i have a 2nd gen shuffle now, and honestly the battery life is great, would be a waste of time and money to improve it further...unlesss...they were adding a new feature that would reqiure biggger battery?! little lcd screen perhaps? but surely its too soonafter its initial launch to do anything like that to it. i dno anymore, my brain is overclocked and burning out from all this macworld rumouring~!!!
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    shuffle update? That can't be right they were only introduced about 3 months ago. I think that one might be incorrect.
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    30th anniversary mac? lol overpriced, underpowered, superdesign... like the 20th anniversary mac ;-) it can happen...
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    Are you serious? It will be announced today, but the name is not confirmed. :eek:
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    But will it be delivered and set up by a suited & booted guy driving a limousine like the 20th Anniversary Mac was?

    Perhaps, being the 30th Anniversary Mac, it'll be delivered by a Black Hawk helicopter and set up and configured by a platoon of fully-armed marines?
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    30th Anniversary Mac will be $10,000 and delivered by the boss himself ! once set up he will give an 1hour 20 min demo on the iLife suite and how it integrates with everything.

    about 1 hour 14 min into the demo he will add well thanks for having me today - but there is just one more thing... and wip out the new iPhone :D

    i think i'm going crazy :eek: 4 Hours 27 Min to go
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    No more caffeine for you! ;)
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    Dunno what this means

    Hey all,
    I don't know if this is important, and it's not exactly a last minute leak, but last night one of the Apple Stores near me - Mall at Millenia in Orlando - put up a "closing for remodeling" sign that says they will be redoing the store between the 15th and 22nd of January... This is in a really high-priced mall-makes you wonder what they would need to remodel for unless it was a HUGE anouncement.

    Just saying.

    Here's to 12 PM EST.
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    Surely if something huge was going to be announced then it'd be a pretty cruddy time to shut up shop for a week... even if there's no availability for a while people will still be coming into stores to ask/order/whatever.
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    Tune Tools for iPod

    Just recieved an e-mail about Tune Tools for iPod and here's the system requirements:
    Macintosh Requirements:

    System OS X (10.1.5) or higher
    G3 400 MHz processor
    128 MB RAM
    100 MB Free HD Space
    CD-ROM Drive
    Working USB 2.0 or FireWire connection to iPod
    iTunes 4.7 or higher required for some features

    It's also the same on their website - might be an error BUT!!!!

    website link:

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    Did you add the bold? Because if you did there's nothing really special about the OS requirements, 10.1.5 came out on June 6th 2002.
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    Tune Tools is just a program that does some iPod maintenance types of functions... and yes, it does appear to support Puma!
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    Hey sorry, in my MacWorld excitement I got carried way!!! Should have read it correctly before posting it!!
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    the water pipe in my bathroom just had a leak a second ago does that count?

    its about as usefull info as is on here ....:)
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    does if your like me and have had too much caffine :D

    i'm on my 6th cup of coffee already today

    also - the BBC has Macrumors as a source of info on there links - a first i think
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    Right, I'm off to bed. Just set my alarm for 3:55am - 5 minutes to reconnect to the net and get settled in for the MRlive coverage.
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    I've just heard from a friend that Steve Jobs won't be wearing any underwear.
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    I'll be back in a minute. I'm just off to take a last minute leak.
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    That's so cool! If it were at 3:55am our time I'm not sure I'd catch it live. Muchos respect to your hardcoreness!

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