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last rollover not rolling over

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development (archive)' started by mnkeybsness, Oct 24, 2003.

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    just as the title says...

    menu example

    seems to only happen in safari
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    and yes, this has been w3c validated in html 4.01 transitional
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    Mr. Anderson

    That's a tough one, but the only thing I see is that you're closing the last item (links) with a </tr> where you aren't in any of the others.

    Try removing that and seeing what happens.

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    I'm seeing it in IE5/Mac as well.

    Can you add the DTD so the whole page validates and try it again?
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    i tried closing all of them and not closing all of them... same thing still happening... currently they are all closed.

    add the what?
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    i did that... still no luck!
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    Mr. Anderson

    Add a dummy rollover table entry (with no values at the end of the table and see if it works.

    Or even switch the order around and see if its something to do with the table or actual link item.

    I remember way back in the mid nineties running into this problem and that's how I ended up making a hack to solve the problem....

    Good luck,

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    still didn't work.

    i even took out the last one (links) and all the other rollovers worked.

    tried putting a dummy after it, just copied one that does work from the top and put it under "links"---links still didn't work

    put a fake rollover in--links didn't work

    retyped the links rollover--still doesn't work

    i'm running out of ideas...
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    Check it, yo: http://organicallydigital.com/mb/menu.html

    Looks like it was a DOM conflict with using "links" as the object name for your rollovers. Only DOM conformant browsers like Safari will exhibit the issue.

    Now that that's sorted, have you looked into CSS rollovers to replace all that javascript? ;)
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    no i haven't looked into CSS rollover... i didn't know it was possible with images.
    got a good source for it?

    and thanks for the help guys!
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    It works for me... under Safari 1.1.

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    It works for me to under IE.

    I have a situation like that using frames in my web site, the top and button frames are not aligned under the PC version of the Internet Explorer. I can not find the way to align it.

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