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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by UMHurricanes34, Aug 10, 2006.

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    This thread is for everyone to post pictures of their latest Apple purchases. The latest thing I purchased was a bluetooth Mighty Mouse, but it still hasn't arrived so no pics yet. Post your latest purchases.
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    this thread will be funny to read 3 years from now.. when we can laugh at ourselves for being so excited about whatever.. "wow.. i can't believe i was HAPPY to have a bluetooth mouse..." :p
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    Indeed it will, just gotta get it going :D. I'd give anything to actually be able to post pics of my new mouse, but Apple's little elves decided that they are gonna spend extra time on it.
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    When I get my new desk & dresser & fix all the little things in my room I'll post it. Otherwise my room is off limits to the public & internet :p :)
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    I'll post a picture when the iMac gets to my place. I ordered it yesterday, and the order status says it's going to be shipped on the 14th. So hopefully it'll be here next week.
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    From your signature I see that we have to same spec-ed machines. Trust me, you're going to love it.
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    Thanks! I'm pretty excited about it. But I'm going to feel like an idiot for a bit using it, since it's my first Mac. Haha.
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    Only until you turn it on, I promise you. :D
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    Good, I'm just excited to get the machine and load it up for the first time.


    Sorry, I took this off topic.
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    well 2 months ago I bought my MBP :D its sweet! havent bought anything apple sense. Looking at a new camera now though.
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    I bought my mom a nano yesterday
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    I bought one of these this past Wednesday.

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    Bought a mac mini two weeks ago :D Next purchase (sometime next year) is Macbook or Macbook Pro :D
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    its 2 hrs late from its estimated arrival time though :mad:

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    I ain't taking a picture of it (yet), but today I bought a new Core Solo Mac mini to go with my existing Core Duo Mac mini and MacBook Pro... so now I am PowerPC-free. :)
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    awesome :)
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    Sucks ass. But I guess Steve had it coming.
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    Sorry to hear that.
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    Last night i bought a refurbished Black 60GB iPod w/ Video! I went with the cheapo free shipping though so it isn't estimated to arrive until August 23rd :(
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    I blame the Union and all of those pesky employment law's. ;)
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    Transition complete! :D
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    I bought a wireless kb and wireless mighty mouse this past Wednesday.......Completely unnecessary by-the-way as I already own a KVM switch to share between the mini and the iMac.
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    This thread might actually be interesting if people posted actual, real pictures. ;)
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    You're a genius. :D


    This isnt the latest purchase, but the latest purchase I've made is to get this thing working again. I bought a 10/100 Ethernet switch and it's been working flawlessly now.
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