Latest "iPhone 2.0" firmware allows saving images from Saf...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Apr 14, 2008.

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    keenan wolf


    thank you :apple: finally i can get p**n on my iphone and without taking the hole screen shot with jailbroken iphone
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    One step closer to an actual handheld Mac.
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    this works for mail also.
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    What about the ability to save other file types, such as documents? And does this "image saving" apply to PDFs?
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    I would love for the iPhone/iPod touch to have a "Finder" and the ability to save documents from websites and transfer files with computers (just like other iPods). I mean, I can put files on my iPod shuffle but not on my iPod touch? What's up with that? :rolleyes:

    There's a few reference PDF files that I'd like to be able to carry with me. If I could load my iPod touch as an external drive, put PDF files on it, then view the files via the iPod touch Finder, it would be one step closer to a PDA.
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    Agreed. In the meantime, why not pop them on a website, and bookmark them. Yes, you'll have to wait a moment for them to load, but you will have them.
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    Mobile Preview. An idea whose time has come.

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