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Latest Skype update wants access to contacts list

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by stylinexpat, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. stylinexpat, Aug 31, 2012
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    The latest update really sucks. If you have not updated then it is best not to update. New update requires you to sync all your personal contacts on your iPad with their server to basically place online or on their cloud server or else you can not log in to use Skype like one used to be able to do.

    We should have the right to sync or not to sync. We have now lost that option. Either Skype/Microsoft collaborate with the government to steal contact info from people or they have their personal motives out of this because the Skype application does not need access to your personal contact list on your iPad to function. It should have the same option allowing us to sync or not to sync like the option we have when we hook up our iPad or iPhone to our Macbook via iTunes to where we could sync what we want and just what we want.

    What ever happened to options these days? I gave them a 1 Star review for this latest dirty trick that they pulled with their latest update. I Uninstalled because of this as I could not use the application without agreeing to sync. If you disagree then you get logged off.
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    Seems like every app these days wants access to your contact list for some reason :shrug:

    I don't really care personally
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    Click on System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Contacts.

    From there you can de-select any app that asks for access to your contacts.

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    They're doing it so they can sell more information about you to advertisers, I'm sure.

    The message they give you is really badly worded too, it was something like "Your contacts will be stored securely on Skype servers" with "Accept" and "Decline" options. It was very unclear about what it was actually trying to do. So I click decline and it just logs me out.

    I pretty much never use Skype anyway so I'm not bothered, but it's still a dick move by them.
  6. Puonti, Sep 2, 2012
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    The dialog states "Skype contacts are stored securely on Skype's network...". It says nothing about all contacts and this is how it's always been. Apparently they are now required to inform users how this data is handled, hence the dialog even for old users.


    The legal bit:

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    Many thanks..


    Right, the Dialogue states "Skype Contacts"... What do Skype Contacts have to do with my personal contacts on my iPad :confused:
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    Thanks.. I see that Skype wants access here. It is nice for us to be able to choose which applications we would like to allow and not to allow to have access to our contacts whether it be on our personal computer,smartphone or iPad.

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    Nothing. You were panicking in the original post that Skype for iPad is suddenly wanting to sync all of your contacts from your iPad to their servers. This isn't the case - your Skype client maintains its own contact list which has always been synced with their servers.

    It's an entirely different matter if you use Skype's built-in contact importer to add your addressbook contacts to Skype. That requires action on your part.
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    Just take opit out of the privacy, simple as that.
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    Thanks for clearing that up.
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    In the past we did not need to sync our contacts from our iPad in order to use the Skype application but now it is a requirement or we can not log on because if we hit decline we get logged out. If the Skype Client maintained their own contact list from our account with Skype then it should be able to function and launch on its own without the need of of needing to sync our contacts from our personal contacts on our iPad. To sync or not to sync should be our right and we should have that option to choose by ourselves. In the past when we used Skype on our Macbook or PC Skype did not require us to sync our personal contacts from say Microsoft Outlook or Contacts from Apple's Operating System.

    These days it seems like the privacy intrusions are becoming more of an issue which each new update and application out there.

    I have no problem with Skype syncing the contacts from the Skype account that one has this way one can access their contacts list from different computers that one logs on to. Skype contacts should be limited to Skype contacts and should not be a requirement to sync with each contacts folder of each personal device such as iPhone Contacts,Macbook Contacts,iPad Contacts,Microsoft Outlook Contacts,etc..
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    You're right. And they still don't. Skype for iPad is not asking you to sync information from your iPad's Contacts app.

    Great, then you can go ahead and re-install Skype on your iPad. Because that's exactly what it's informing you about - syncing your contacts from your Skype account. As it's always done. The only difference is that now users are being told this happens, in case they didn't realize it.
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    To my understanding they are asking to sync. First image is from the iPad and the 2nd and 3rd are from Skype on Android. It is obvious that this what they do.

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    Those are two different things.

    The permissions dialog on Android is telling you that the system will allow that app to access the data, but the app will only do so if you choose to sync your contacts with Skype.

    The iOS dialog literally is just telling you they store your Skype contacts on Skype servers because of some legal change.
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    Just use Tinfoil for Facebook, that's what I do on Android. Not sure if iOS has an equivalent but I just login to Facebook in Chrome. Of course this does mean you can't upload photos from the phone but I'm fine with that.
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    Once again.. no. If they were automatically copying your contacts they wouldn't have this in their Privacy Policy:


    But really, in the end it's up to you to believe what you will and act on those beliefs as you see fit. I just saw a misinformed, alarmist post and thought I'd help you out. You're not looking for outside advice, clearly, so I'll let it drop.
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    (j) List of your contacts (we will give you a choice as to whether you want Skype to use contact lists from other services to populate your Skype contacts);

    They want the list of your contacts first and it is a requirement or else you can not log in. They claim to give you the choice after. If they don't give you the choice before to choose whether or not you wish to give them that list and don't allow you to log in without agreeing to give them that list then you trust them?

    Also, they say contacts and contact lists along with other services meaning they get a copy of all contacts from all contact lists and services.
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    Skype shouldn't require contact access.

    I agree. I haven't used Skype for a while but was shocked to find that because I kept declining to give them my contacts I could not log in. Very dodgy way to run a business.
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    This is odd. It did the same to me when I updated. I declined and had no problem logging in or using Skype. It's worked just fine. I wonder what the difference was?
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    They will not use your contact list for bad purpose.. They only add the contacts which are available on skype..
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    This should be an option for us to decide and not them.

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