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LCD screen turning red in corners? (iMac G4 20")

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by 2contagious, Sep 22, 2010.

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    I wanted to fix this hardware problem with my iMac G4 20". Basically the LCD screen has a redish tint in the corners, only really visible when displaying something bright/white. Also, when looking at the screen from an angle when displaying a black image, it looks completely red. What's the fault here? Is it the panel itself or the backlight?

    see you,
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    It is likely the panel itself, and it is unlikely to be the backlight... But both are possible. If you get a new LCD panel, you will get a new backlight anyway. (please correct me if I am wrong) But it is likely the panel itself.
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    I guess you also can't rule out a possible graphics issue until the screen is replaced, but that could possibly be the problem.
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    to rule out the graphics card is easy, the iMac has a mini vga out , just connect a monitor if the problem is not on that monitor present the graphic card is alright and its the panel thats defect
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    Oops I should have thought of that. :rolleyes: I unfortunately don't have an iMac g4 but I really want one.. :mad:
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    i want one too then i have the desktop all in one's complete from this century
    iMac g3 ,iMac G5 , eMac ,only missing is the iMac G4 :(
    but good news because of the iPod iPad and iPhone mania
    and the need for intel Mac's to be able to watch 24/7 HD youtube videos they are tumbling down in price now
    so i might even get a second TAM and maybe a lisa I and II and a Macintosh 128k for no money at all
    in the last half year the prices here in uk dropped for all PPC Mac's by at least between £50 to £200 + compared to the prices in spring , not to mention the price drops for performa and Macintosh classic and co where sellers nearly offer you cash to take them ,

    thank you apple for the iPad and iPhone 4 now i can buy all Mac's i ever wanted for no money at all because nobody else wants them any more now :)

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