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Learning to develop OS X apps

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by david06, Jul 23, 2006.

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    I'd like to learn how to develop simple apps for OS X. The only programming experience I have is in Java, and that is purely in a command line, computer science, data structures and algorithms type of way. The only graphical programs I've ever done are using Visual Basic 6 which doesn't count as programming.

    Any suggestions for books or web sites that would be good for someone who is pretty close to a newb, but does have some minimal programming experience?
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    This is widely-accepted as the best beginner's book for Cocoa:

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    Oh yeah, that is the best.

    Also, for Objective-C (whether or not you have programming experience) get: Programming in Objective-C by Steve Kochan. It's on amazon.com as well.. too lazy to search for it. --Objective-C so you understand how Cocoa works better - e.g. Autorelease pools, objects, etc.
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    Check the "Better Together" section of that URL. :p (What? I found it funny...)

    Anyway, thank you for suggesting this. Even though I haven't asked the question, I will benefit from the answer since I'm trying to learn to program in OS X, too.
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    Download XCode and try out the sample applications. At some point you'll need to decide with Carbon and C or C++, or with Cocoa and Objective-C; C++ probably looks more familiar if you know Java.
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    MacRumors needs to install some sort of filter that detects when someone is asking "How do I start learning Cocoa?" and then autoposts the Hillegass book link. Seriously. :rolleyes:
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    if ([title containsWords: arrayOfWords] == [title matchWithAutomaticPhrase: [title containsWords: arrayOfWords]]) {
    [autopost relevantInformation];
    =P Ok so its not the beset code, but it may work.

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