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Leather iPad 2 cases

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Aljrob, May 13, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I've pulled the trigger on an iPad 2, and am now looking for a case. The iPad will often be used in a business setting, so I'm after something smart.

    My needs are:
    • Leather
    • As slim as possible (don't need a notepad built in or anything)
    • Has smart magnets to wake the iPad
    • Folio or Moleskine style - don't mind which

    Nice to have:
    • Doesn't cover the bezel when in the case

    I'm aware of the Vaja Libretto and Toblino 2. Can anyone else recommend anything. Cost not really a major issue, I would pay up for the perfect case.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Here is a link to a thread on Maroo cases, they have just started shipping their premium leather cases and they are very good.

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    I am thinking about getting the Libretto case as I think it is one of the finer cases. I am just waiting to see what the new SGB Store case for the iPad 2 looks like. They made a fairly nice case for the original iPad and the new one should be available in a few weeks.
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    If you want as slim as possible, buy the Melkco Slimme. If you want protection buy Maroo. Also consider Melkco Jacka which is very similar to the Vaja Agenda 1 but for iPad 2.

    These are the best leather cases out there in my opinion. Better than Vaja.
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    Orbino Padova II

    In premium bark tanned leather $209
    Special Edition with exotic skins (ostrich, crocodile) $569-$689.

    Custom produced in 5-7 weeks from time of order

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    I have the ROTO II iPad 2 case from maroo(cyber acoustics) and it is excellent.
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    Whoa... they make iPad 2 cases out of Mole Leather? It seems expensive. :p:D:p
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    The problem with this expensive case is that the cover doesn't fold all the way back which could be quite annoying.
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    Tom G.

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    The iPad is high tech made from aluminum and glass. Putting it in something made out of wood, and in this case what looks like ply-wood, seems ridiculous to me.
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    ^^^ Agreed batman.

    It looks like it its made out of cardboard and wood that was made in someones garage how it costs ~$70? :eek:
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    Tom G.

    It is made from quality materials. The plywood that you don't like is a high quality birch plywood used because it looks like the pages of a book. The Moleskin leather on the outside and the linen on the inside are again of the same quality that would be used on Moleskin artist books that this case is simulating. The machining is expertly done and the iPad fits extremely well in it. The bookmark is needed to remove the iPad from the case. All in all a quality piece well worth the money.

    If you look down on something simply because it is made of plywood then you don't know very much about it, and I doubt that anything I could say here would correct that.
  15. gigaguy, May 13, 2011
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    It's beyond belief to bulk up and hide the amazing form factor of the iPad2, something that took years and probably hundreds of engineers and designers to achieve, and that every tech firm out there is desperately trying to emulate. It's sad that someone would cloak and coffin it over with overpriced clunky wood boxes. I know those are real popular. it's strange.
    might as well just carry it around in the Apple box and Sharpie out the box labels.
    or just get an old Gateway laptop.
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    Yeah, but it still looks like cardboard and plywood.

    No offense, and I realize different strokes for diff folks... But I have yet to understand the appeal for these type cases other than the paranoid notion it keeps the iPad disguised as a book. Otherwise, bulky, blocky, and almost 0 function. Sorry for the tangent, I'm done,lol.

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