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Leave iMessage Group Chat...Please help!

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by sla252, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Hey all! I'm a proud owner of the new 4s and the iMessage function is great. However, one of my friends added me to an iMessage group of 20+ people and my phone is constantly going off....its extremely frustrating. Would someone PLEASE give me specific directions on how to leave an iMessage group. Thank you!
  2. c3m
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    In the Messages app (iMessage app), go to the screen where you see the list of conversation that you had or having.

    Click the "Edit" button at the upper left corner. Then find your group chat and press the red button next to it. Delete icon will show to the right of that chat. press that and then done.

    or you can simply just slide your finger to the left or right on that chat roll to get the delete button up
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    Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to do so, at this time. You'd need to get them to start a new one, stop using that one and leave you out of the new.
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    This doesn't stop you from getting new ones, it just deletes the existing convo.
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    The only thing that I have figured out so far that is working is turning off iMessage all together...its annoying not being able to use iMessage with a single person but oh well for now...hopefully apple will come out with a fix for this issue
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    Hopefully "leaving group" option is available on the next iOS update.
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    On the phone with apple support right now in regards to this issue...they keep insisting there is a way to leave a group chat, but still cant seem to give me an answer...now they are transferring me to an "expert"...more to come
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    Interesting. Keep us updated.
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    How did you join the chat in the 1st place, your friend told you to message a new apple ID? I've never been in a group chat on iPhone, only Blackberry Messenger.
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    Yes please update if you hear anything!
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    Same here. All you need to do to start an iMessage group chat is add the phone #'s and/or email addresses of the people you want to include, and they're in. It's very frustrating however when your phone keeps going off every 30 seconds from the members of the group chatting. As of now there is no way to remove yourself from a group chat, unless the person who started it ends it and starts a new one over without including you....still on the phone with apple regarding this issue....I will be sure to keep you all updated
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    Just got off the phone with apple tech support. They admitted there is no way to remove yourself from an iMessage group chat. The tech guy says the best thing we can do is go to www.apple.com/feedback

    from here if enough people complain about this issue they will make a software update or some sort of fix for it....so everyone PLEASEEEEE do this haha.
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    Like sla252 said, it's not technically a GROUP. Someone is just sending messages to you and a bunch of other people. It WOULD be smart to be able to ban people from sending you messages though.
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    that alone makes me hesitant to join the group chat till that is resolved.
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    Wirelessly posted (iPhone 4S: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 5_0_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.1 Mobile/9A405 Safari/7534.48.3)

    What about going into Settings --> Messages --> Group Messaging and turning it off. Mine is off and I don't have any of those annoying group message conversations going on.
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    I think with it off you'll get individual text messages from the person instead of it showing in the group.
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    You don't join group chats; you get pulled in.
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    Hhhmm dont have that option in that path on the iPhone 4 :(
  19. SandboxGeneral, Nov 16, 2011
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    Under Settings, you don't have this?


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    I have all that but don't have the group messaging option. :mad:
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    Hmmm.... Maybe its a US option and not available in the UK. I see that you and Grayburn are from England.
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    I didn't think that setting had any bearing on iMessage conversations?
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    I got into text messaging very early so I was trained to write bigger blocks of text since we used to get charged per message. But newer users have that IM mentality where every single emoticon or thought gets its own text and it makes group messaging a nightmare. My sister-in-law would send a picture of her kid and then I'd get machine gun alerts from all her friends:

    "Thats so col"
    "I meean COOL, LOL"
    "Funny. LOL"
    "Do I know you?"
    "Im not talking to you, Im responding to Jenny"
    "Then why am I getting the texts. "

    And it wouldnt stop until they lose interest a few hours later. I really hope Apple realizes this is an issue for some people and they implement a way to unsubscribe from certain group messages without forcing you to unsubscribe from iMessage completely because group discussion is still important with some business discussions.
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    I know, this is extremley annoying! I own an iPod 4th Generation, and my friends keep making these annoying group chats. They for some reason feel the need to say hi every 10 minutes and my iPod is CONSTANTLY going off! Even worse, they include me in MULTIPLE group chats! So every like 5 minutes, I get texts like this:

    "Whats up"
    "Not much, u?"
    "Hey guys"
    "Hey. Whats up?"
    "Im sick"
    "Aw that sucks"
    "guys look outside theres a rainbow"

    Me: URGH!

    Apple, please give us the option to get out of group chats! Once we are dragged in, we can't get out!!!
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    Here's a link to instructions on how to leave a group chat. I haven't tried them.

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