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LED displays for upcoming PowerBooks?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Epicurus, Jan 1, 2006.

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    Previous rumors have hinted that the new batch of PowerBooks will be thinner, faster and all-around better than the previous generation. So far the focus has been on the Intel aspects (and rightly so). But what if there are more hardware upgrades waiting in the wings.

    Case in point: LED displays in upcoming Sony, Toshiba, and Asustek laptops.

    Having a new low-voltage Intel processor and an LED screen would give the new 'Books a sizable battery advantage over the G4 models.
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    Interesting, I didn't know they were in production yet. Do you have a link to an article for further reading?
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    Do you mean an OLED screen, or LED backlighting?

    Two very different things...
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    beige matchbox

    just did a google,

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    ?? link ??
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    Well, it pretty much sucks if the backlighting varies in intensity across the screen - forget about using it for graphics or video work...
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    I've seen the mentioned VAIO notebook at the local Sony Store, its LED-backlit LCD screen simply astonishing (wish my iBook's screen is even a fraction of that VAIO screen quality). I guess Apple would be incorporating these screens into their products sooner or later, because they're brighter, cheaper, provide constant backlighting, and they're thinner.

    EDIT: The above article mentions that LED-backlight don't provide constant backlighting, and are brighter at the bottom. But I guess this is an error, since this applies to the current LCDs. While the VAIO screen I've seen, is completely consistent, something I've never seen on an LCD before.
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    Bring on the LED backlight LCD displays and the OLED keyboards. ;) :)

    Think of the dock mounted on the keyboard, with hot key functions. :)

    Still waiting on the OLED displays though. :(
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    That's gorgeous! But you couldn't cover it up with a keyboard protector, and my keyboards get filthy.
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    Lets not go down the :eek: that keyboard is gorgeous :eek: route AGAIN - search these forums.. there was a massive salivating thread all about it :p

    I've seen these LED backlit displays on a Sony at an electronics trade fair in Milan a year ago as a concept... They were fantastic. I didn't think anything would come of them though, as is the case with many things shown at a concept show.
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    Why not? It would have to be very transparent, but unless I'm missing something obvious, it should still be possible.
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    I'm sure you could, but it just wouldn't look the same.
    I use one now on my BT keyboard and wouldn't be without it. My daughter, however, refuses to use one on hers as she figures it ruins the look of it.
    I think I'd feel that way with a keyboard as georgeous as that one no matter how transparent the cover.
    Maybe it would be an incentive to give up smoking!
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    I, too, adore them. :) You should get one in a cute color for your daughter, maybe that will warm her to it. :) I love my pink one. Lajo.biz has an amazing selection of colors.
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    Bubblegum pink would certainly win her over. I'll have to order without letting her see it. If I let her look she'll be wanting a new iPod skin as well.

    Lajo.biz should carry a health warning for dial-up connections. I've never come across a non flash site so slow to load.
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    If indeed Apple were about to push LED displays into all of its upcoming portables, then they'd need to line up a decent supplier. That's where the Everlight reference comes in. I'm not sure where Sony gets its displays (possibly in house), so a direct comparison might not be perfect. It does make for an interesting bit of speculation, however.

    All the hype about Apple becomming just another Intel-box company, has (in my opinion) eventually gotten around to the correct conclusion that Apple is a specialty supplier. Pushing FW800 over FW400, introducing Blu-Ray drives, going to LED displays... all these possibilities play to Apple's strengths in innovation and first-to-market. Apple may not be the first with any of these features, but they do at least open the technologies up to a larger marketplace.

    Moving even further out onto the limb, consider if Apple does use LED-backed displays in its iBook line, leaving them at their current resolutions and dimensions. The iBooks would then benefit by being thinner, making them all the more portable to the average student. The PowerBooks get thinner too, but primarily from the new Intel hardware. The Pro-line keeps the hi-res screens of the previous generation G4 line. To keep the lines separate, the 12" PBook vanishes. If Apple is keeping the 17" PBook and the 15" and 17" screens cannot both use LEDs, then I'd assume that only the smaller, more available iBooks get the upgrade (simply for supply reasons). Possibly the PowerBooks would get another wave of resolution upgrades to make up for the "horizontal line" issue in the current 15".

    The possibilities of using OLED screens in the iPods seems all the more likely, but more for the marketing advantages than the real technology. I've yet to see a definitive analysis of the advantages of OLED versus LCD for small screens. There are some differences in scaling the technologies, but what's the advantage for a 1-3" screen? Possibly there's an article out there somewhere that explains, but I've not read it yet.

    PS-----OLED keyboards are a long way out for desktops yet. Granted the illuminated keyboards on the 15" and 17" PowerBooks have yet to make it into the desktop models, but still... OLEDs for keyboards will have to wait several months if not years for general introduction. Maybe we'll see them for the introduction of the new PowerMacs w/ Intel down the road.:D
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    Lord Blackadder

    If it varies in intensity like that it will suck for everything. I can't believe they'd bring a product to market with such a huge flaw. :confused:

    If they can make it work, the gains in battery life would be pretty significant.
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    What is the POA situation at the assembly plant for the iBook? Is there a sub-manufacturer who is responsible for assembling the display unit (cabling, backlight, LCD, etc), or is this something done at the LCD fab? The way I understand this, the main thing is just a supplier change for the backlight, and perhaps relatively minor tooling changes at the plant that assembles the display unit (and of course in the shell and the shell assembly to the notebook).
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    I always thought my Rev A Pb monitor was crisp clear and extremely thin. That was until I went to an Apple store and saw the new HD monitors. Now I think mine is dark.......very very very very dark and lacks crispness that the new ones have. At full brightness this monitor is lacking. But I can't complain to much the comp is over 2 years old at this point.

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