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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Sauron's Master, Jul 19, 2003.

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    I have several questions regarding LED and Cathode Light kits for my G5 case (coming soon ;-)). First, does anyone know of any lighting kits specifically for Macs? Second, does anyone know if or is willing to check if the G4's or G5's power supply unit has a 12V connector thing? Third, has anyone actually installed LED's or such on their Mac cases? Finally, anyone have an opinion on whether I should install them or if they would mess up the thermal zones in the G5? Thanks for any help.
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    just curious, why do you want to do this anyway?
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    I want for several reasons. First, I want my computer to fit into the aZn/gamer definition of the 'pImP rIg' which most of my friends with nice computers have. Second, LED lights are extremely cool. I mounted LED's on my cell phone, and a lot of electronics in my room. My computer must match. And finally, I wanted LED's mounted so my computer will look very nice. Besides, who doesn't like flashing lights? :p
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    for the same reason some people put neon lights under their cars, I guess... it makes your car go faster !

    oh, wait...:D
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    whatever floats yer boat i guess. good luck dude.
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    I've got a blue LED led light on top of my Apple 17" LCD courtesy of Antec which can be found at your local COMPUSA. It plugs into your USB port, and the cool thing about it is you can have it pulse to music as it has a built-in mic.
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    Re: LED Lighting Kits

    -Sauron's Master

    I just gussied up my Quicksilver with EL wire. The 12v connector should be a molex, and the buss powers your hard drives. Use thqat and you're good.
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    Re: Re: LED Lighting Kits

    Thanks for the info on the G4. I'm more interested on if they G5's power supply is similar to that of the G4 to see if I could do the same exact thing since I'm getting a G5 and do not own or plan to own a G4. If the G4' PSU has a 12V connector and all PC PSU's seem to, it's likely that the G5 will be similar so I guess I'm good.
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    if im not mistaken, EL wire is the stuff they use in the 17"PB keyboards, correct? ...that lighted wire, similar to the effect of neon lighting?
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    Re: Re: Re: LED Lighting Kits

    -Sauron's Master


    A drive is a drive, and that's what needs the 12v.

    Just watch that airflow.
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    I think so. Essentially EL wire is copper wire with a phosporus coating, outer copper return wires and a colored insulator.

    Not incredibly bright - it's soft, like a watch. But at night, it's cool.

    I'll post pics when I get a chance.
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    I don't like flashing lights.
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    lol. me neither. maybe i just don't "get it". i'd like to see what this pimped out G5 will look like. i'd be a little aprehensive to start boaring holes into my new $3000 computer. like i said before though, whatever floats yer boat.
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    LOL, you think I'm going to drill holes in my G5? No way. I might consider it having it done as professionally as possible after I check out if the 'cheese grates' in the front will allow sufficient light in. Most likely, I'll probably check making effects using the case itself rather than drilling holes in it. And besides, external lighting is probably way easier since I can get power to it much more easily. Yes, I'll remember to send you pics or post them in about 8-11 weeks after my G5 arrives and I get sometime to mess with it. :)
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    yeah, to each his own, but this is like buying a brand new Lexus SUV and then plastering the back of it with cheezy-looking bumper stickers... Which, incidently, i saw yesterday :rolleyes:

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    -Sauron's Master

    Personally, I prefer edgy subtlety. I used two EL wires, run around the outer edge of the main side plates and under the surface of the plastics of my Quicksilver. Oh, and not one hole drilled.

    In a similar vein, if I were lucky enough to be getting a G5, I'd personally place two 12" blue Cold Cathodes on the sides of the main case vertically, behind the grille. And perhaps change out a few fans on the back that would emit the same color. That's it.
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    Ok, there is a link to a thread that I just posted pics on (sorry, had to wait for the Sun to go down)


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