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LED vs plasma

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by WhiteIphone5, Dec 31, 2012.

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    what are your thoughts? specially if you want Gaming and watching Football
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    For gaming, LED.

    For watching football, LED.

    For movies, Plasma.

    I had a plasma some time ago, got terrible ghosting whenever something was on the screen too long (like a network logo or a sports ticker). But it had an amazing picture for movie watching.
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    I tried LED V Plasma in the store before buying the LED Sony Bravia. I found the colours more vibrant and realistic on the LED model....The sales girl told me that most people who buy Plasma ( the large ones) tend to use them in Bars / Hotels and public places, and mount them high up.

    The Sony 3D is great....Even some of the internet content is worth a watch.
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    Jessica Lares

    Never buying another LED, just telling you that now. Mine is OKAY, but you have to be right in front of it to get a clear picture.
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    Gee, mine is the opposite...A good distance away is best. Out of curiosity, what did you get?
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    Jessica Lares

    A Vizio. Maybe because it was cheap, but yeah, it looks great if you stand far, but move to the sides at like an angle, and it's horrible.
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    Once again, mines the opposite...I can sit ant almost right angles to it and still get an excellent view. I don't know Vizio, but there might be settings you can fiddle with?
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    Jessica Lares

    I'd have to look sometime when I get a chance. It's been unplugged all year. :eek:
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    :D You mean for 9 hours?:cool:
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    LED is the closest match to CRT quality in my opinion. when i purchased my iMac in 2010, i was in awe with it <3. Im looking at upgrading my computer this year, maybe building a hack so now I'm in the market for a monitor. After having the iMac, there seems to be only one clear answer for which monitor to choose... a 27" Thunderbolt Display!

    Never ever been a fan of plasma.
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    That sounds like a cheap display. My LED displays (iMac, numerous Bravias and a Samsung) are totally fine at angles.

    I'd go for LED. I don't fully know the difference, I just know that I've never seen an image as good as the one my current Bravia puts out (and that's LED).
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    I only have a cheap LED TV from Samsung but it's very good and has a nice viewing angle. I can even adjust it specifically so I can watch it while lying down.

    I personally wouldn't even consider a plasma, they're known to develop more faults (especially the "ghosting" issue) and personally I don't really see enough of an upside to justify that.
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    The early Plasmas had that issue, not so much anymore.

    I run a Pioneer Plasma in my Living room, very nice set.

    I have 4 other LCD TV's. They are OK at best.

    I was very surprised when I picked up a 188 dollar Emerson LED TV for my garage as a football game TV. 32 inch, LED. And the viewing angle on it is just fine.

    Unless your going really high end, I would go with LED over Plasma.
  14. heehee, Jan 1, 2013
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    That's like saying you bought a $200 netbook and thinking all laptops are crap, including rMBP. You do get what you pay for.

    I would for sure pick LED over plasmas.
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    My understanding is that at one point, Plasma had the edge for refresh rate and watching sports. That may no longer be the case now or at least be minimized.
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    Ok thanks for answers guys!! But one more question is there full LED? Everywhere I look it just says edge-led backlight
  17. Mr. McMac, Jan 1, 2013
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    Mr. McMac

    Every single Plasma I've looked at flickers, most noticeable in bright scenes. It's very similar to an old CRT monitor with a refresh rate of 60 HZ, but not as bad. Still, for that reason alone I could never own one. It's too bad really, they do blow away LCD's in color accuracy, viewing angle, and black level performance.

    Edit: I'd really like to update my TV's. Both of mine are 2007 Samsung's. One is a 61" DLP (LED backlit) and the other is a 40" LCD I have in my bed room. Although both are still excellent TV's, they don't compare to what's available today
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    For the record, LED is just the backlight, they are still LCD TV's
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    I just recently got an LED TV by Samsung.
    It's pretty nice, doesn't get excessively warm or anything. Also is fully bright right when you turn it on, no need to wait for warming up or anything. Should also last a long time with the same quality that I have now. In other words, it shouldn't dim down the line. That's in theory, anyways.
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    I as well have a Samsung LED. The only complaint I have is in dark scenes all of the LED's go darker, the plasmas would just darken the dark spots not the whole picture. Maybe the more expensive LED sets do this.
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    Mr. McMac

    Most people don't know that...
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    Mainly because of the way they are marketed and sold. They want to sell the more expensive "LED TV".

    You have Florescent LCD, LED LCD, Plasma, that doesn't have a backlight. OLED that is lit LED.
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    Mr. McMac

    It's sad, isn't it.
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    I've also noticed that when the picture goes black somewhere, the actual LEDs turn off and it seems as if the TV has turned off. But I haven't had an issue seeing dark scenes.

    I'm sure there's a feature somewhere to turn this off. There should be.
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    Mr. McMac

    Some LCD TV's the turn off sections of the of the dark areas give you a false sensation of good black level performance. Let's say a guy has a black pinstripe suite on in a room with limited lighting. The suite would appear to be black with no pinstripes. That's what's known as poor dynamic range. Plasma's on the other hand, each and every pixel is illuminated or turned off individually. Much better performance when is comes to dynamic range...

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