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Legal to Sell iTMS Gift Certicates on Ebay?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Frisco, May 1, 2004.

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    I am just wondering the legality of this. I have not seen any on ebay yet. If it is legal this could be a temporary solution to our Canadian and European friends until they get access to the music store. Selling to them however may be illegal.

    I remember someone was selling a song on ebay that originally purchased on the iTMS. Ebay eventually pulled the auction.

    What are your thoughts?
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    All you need is a USA adress to download from iTMS.
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    I don't know about eBay, but (as a Canadian iTunes addict) I've been getting anyone I know whose travelling to the US to pick me up the iTunes Target cards while they're down there. As far as iTunes knows, I live in Beverly Hills 90210. I just hope that when iTunes finally arrives in Canada I'll be able to change it to a Canadian account.
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    Heheh, I 'ive' in 90210 too :) - It's the only ZIP code I could remember.

    There used to be a seller on eBay and his auctions always used to get snapped up quick, but he's disappeared now. He used to add around $5 onto the price for the cert and like $20 for the $200 certs.
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    its probably not illegal, because what if you give them as gifts. to people outside the us.
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    I thought your credit card has to have a US address? Am I wrong?
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    to answwer the question: no, i believe that an end user/consumer has no legal rights to resell apple's gift cards. It has been a big mess before, so let's not get into it agian, okay?
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    they have iTunes cards at target? or are they just called Target Cards?
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    they are itunes giftcards sold at target.
    here's the link on where to redeem them online.

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    well i highly doubt it's illegal to sell them, but they're probably invalid if resold, so you couldn't legally use them... check the terms of the certificate. It's all in there. I should imagine it's also against the terms to use the service from outside of the US. again, check the terms.


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