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Lense compatability between 35mm and digital SLR

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by barneygumble, Aug 7, 2005.

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    Just a quick question for all the photographers out there, at work we have a metalographic microscope and a standard microscope, both of them have attatchments for 35mm cameras, my question is are the lenses for old 35mm cameras compatible with the lenses for new digital slr's, if so we would buy a new digital slr and use it instead of film, any help would be appreciated.
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    Mr. Anderson

    It depends on the mount of the lens/microscope. Does it take a Nikon, Canon or other type?

    As for DSLR vs SLR lenses, yes, you can use SLR lenses on DSLRs, but there are some DSLR only lenses that take into account the smaller sensor size (smaller than the standard 35mm film) so you'd want to avoid those if you want to have compatibility with SLRs.

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    Umm the camera models that are currently attatched are a Nikon FDX-35 and a Nikon FX - 35WA, if that helps
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    It depends a lot on how old the microsope lens attachements are. The Nikon Digital SLRs will take just about any lens, but with older lenes (mainly manual focus ones aka pre 1990ish) then the camera's meter will not function, and you will have to meter manually. But if the adapter was made in the last 10-15 years or so, then you should have no problems at all using a Digital SLR such as the D50 or D70. (or maybe even the D2x if you really have money to burn)
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    Well one of the attatchments would have been made around 1990, but the other is only ~4 yrs old, the cameras are interchangable so would that mean a digital slr would fit but i may have to meter manually? (i don't know what that means)
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    Major camera makers in general and Nikon in particular are sensitive to the fact that their users:
    • recognize that lenses are as (if not more) important than the camera,
    • invest lots (sometimes thousands!) of dollars in lenses,
    • and can get used to or develop a style around their favorite lenses.

    I think that almost every Nikon 35mm and DSLR made today and recently has what they call their "F-mount." I would expect that your new Nikon (or Nikon-compatible) DSLR will be fine.

    However, if you're a pants-and-suspenders type (like me), you could take your attachment down to your local camera store and ask to see whether it'll mount on a new Nikon. Quick, painless, and they should have no problems with this easy test.

    Best of luck!
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    That was my next step, and am i looking at a Nikon or would a canon be compatable? Or do manaufacturers like their own standard?
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    Nikon only -
    any of these should work Nikon D-SLR. I would recommend either the D70, D70s, or the D50.

    Older lenses, while they still have the F-Mount, (meaning that they'll fit on the camera) may not allow automatic exposure. In other words, you'll have to set the f/stop and the shutter speed manually. (If I totally confused you, I'm sorry, but it takes more time than I have to explain further)

    As an idea_hamster suggested, I would take it all down to your local camera shop and see what works. They should know what you need. Don't go buying stuff on the internet until you check it all out in person. (or at least I wouldn't) Good Luck!

    you may want to post your question on the Nikon forums at dpreview.com

    Edit: Canon / Nikon / Olympus / Pentax etc. are not compatible with each other.
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    OK thanks very much i will look into it at the camera shop, although i can't take one of the microscopes in it weighs a good 60Kg. I will let you know how i go
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    Ooops -- I had assumed that you could remove the attachment and just take that. But if it's fixed, then try to see if it has some kind of maker's name and model number. The photo store may have a listing of Nikon or Nikon-compatible equipment.

    You won't be able to use a Canon camera -- these are major competitors. (But you might be able to use an adapter -- especially since you won't be needing all the metering and auto-focus lens features.) Some other companies, however, do make DSLR's that use Nikon lenses and, therefore, could be among the cameras you could consider (e.g., I know that Kodak's DSC Pro SLR/n does).

    You should definitely take a look at Digital Photography Review -- it's a great spot for in-depth reviews, and they have a lot of information on Nikon digital SLR's, including the D50.

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