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Lenses for nikon dslr

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by out of the ash, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Will a sigma 28-105 F3.8-5.6 UC3 fit and or work on a nikon d80

    and I am new so be kind
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    Yeah, but you don't want it. Its a discontinued, slow lens. You can do much better for about the same price, unless you're paying less than $15.
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    Taylorwildson is right. The lens you do want is..

    Nikkor 200mm F/2 VR!!!
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    Sory to state the obvious but you did say you were new...
    If the lens has a Nikon mount it will fit the D80. Sigma made that same lens in various mounts for Canon and so on.

    It is kind of a cheap lens. Seems after springing for the nice D80 you'd want some first rate lenses. I would much rather buy a used Nikon than a low-end Sigma If budge is an issue buy used lenses.

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