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Leopard Build 9A377a Details Emerging

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 4, 2007.

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    Details and screenshots are beginning to emerge regarding Leopard (build 9A377a), which was seeded to developers on Friday.

    According to the InsanelyMac Forum, the long list of known bugs plus bugs encountered during testing indicate that the build is a far cry from being ready for prime time. This casts doubt upon recent reports that Leopard will be ready for a late-March release.

    Bugs aside, the new build did introduce some new features and interface improvements, namely in Automator, Spotlight, and the Sharing and Screensaver preference panes.

    Continue reading for highlights of these improvements.

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    It's like the Energizer Bunny, but in reverse...

    "Still waiting..."
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    If you cough up the new powermacs steve, all is forgiven.
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    hahaha but seriously, i cant wait, and it seems as if apple is really making a LOT of changes and ehancements, even if they are just small UI changes here and a new screensaver there, they are really trying to make Leopard the best that they can. I would guess part of that is to get XP usersm, microsoft users in general to switch over to apple, and i think they are on the right pathway to doing that. As long as the security is good, and its not just all eyecandy, Leopard is going to be amazing !! :D
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    Scarlet Fever

    i don't really care how long it takes. If it means 10.5 will be the most stable mac os release yet, ill wait until christmas!
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    Leopards release wont be enough?
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    At this rate Vista will be stable enough to run life support systems before Leopard is announced.

    :confused: :apple:
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    I agree, but it would not be good for apple if that happened, and i dont expect it to happen either...but your right, ill wait if it means a more stable OS
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    haha no it wont, as long as it runs on microsoft's kernal it will never be stable
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    Wasn't Tiger riddled with bugs weeks before launch?
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    These slight improvements seem to be really good. I especially like the "Watch Me Do" function of Automator. For less experienced Mac users, this could be really good. I've already thought of ways I could use that.
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    10.0 was
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    Very nice, I've been wanting a "Watch Me Do" feature in Automator (seriously, was that the best name they could come up with??) and Spotlight's UI was in desperate need of an overhaul. Hate the ALL CAPS iTunes-style titles, though.
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    get over the name, it does what you want and thats all that matters
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    agreed. i want it to be their best effort. especially since OS development is slowing down over all. i'd rather get a super stable, bug-free 10.5 and feel comfortable upgrading ASAP, than waiting for the kinks to get worked out.
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    Wow, very surprised they are adding the feature to choose other folders to be shared... Interesting shift in their thinking.
  17. EGT
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    Yes, I agree to an extent but there has to be balance, Christmas would be too long to wait. :p

    This must be a tough time to be a software developer at Cupertino, esp. with Steve Jobs breathing down your neck and the release deadline drawing ever closer.

    Take it easy Apple guys, you're doing well. :cool:
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    Automator looks good and the Watch Me Do feature sounds great.
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    thats what we like to hear, shouts of encouragement! wOOt
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    I actually like the iTunes-style titles, IMO. The new Spotlight looks nice.
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    I might think the new octo-core MacPro will be announce at WWDC because of Leopard.
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    I think we will be seeing a lot of sweet stuff from apple once leopard is released.
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    good! pls bring it in March.
    I will wait for 10.5 to purchase a new iMac.:)
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    SHAREPOINTS! :D I've been wanting to share separate files other than just my home directory, without third party tools for ever.

    Perhaps one of the few things that is easier on windows. Right click folder>Sharing and security>Check tickbox to share.

    Now all we need is a better way to automount network volumes at login, other than dragging the share into login items. It doesn't remember the passwords for windows shares, for "security reasons", even though a "remember in keychain" tickbox is right there on the authentication dialog. :mad:

    However simple writing a script is (I know how), users shouldn't be forced to go there.
  25. Guest


    raise your hand if your not surprised that leopard isn't coming out yet...

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