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Leopard iChat preview movie corrupt?

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by MacBoobsPro, Aug 9, 2006.

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    Can anyon watch the iChat and dashboard movies all the way through? Everytime I try and watch them they cut off halfway through (ish). Its really annoying. Ive emptied the Safari cache but it still does it. :confused:
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    Sky Blue

    Works fine for me.
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    Its really strange because I tried it on my work mac (7 miles away) and it did the exact same thing. Im going to try it on my MacBook now.
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    Nope doesnt work on that either.

    It stops EVERYTIME on ALL my macs when it says (in the ichat movie)

    "or add a little..."

    The guy is leaning back with hands behind head with palm tree in Background. Weird and damn frustrating!

    The dashboard one does the same when its showing how to make your own widgets. :mad:
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    Works for me too.
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    Mine was doing the same but its all good now... I didnt reset i just clicked refresh a few times.. lol
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    Mine still wont work correctly. But then I had a brainwave... why not go over to Apple.com (the US site) and watch it there? I did and it works. Mint!
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    it crashes my browser on those movies!! :confused:
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    Yeah, I'm good on the US site, but on the UK it freezes half way through. Browser okay though.

    Nigel, are you using Safari when the browser crashes. I'm using Camino and it merely freezes the video.
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    Works for me

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