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Leopard is the New Vista

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 29, 2007.

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    Category: Opinion/Interviews
    Link: Leopard is the New Vista
    Description:: We all have such a good time ragging on Vista that it's practically become second nature. We never, ever thought that we'd have the same reaction to a Mac OS--especially Leopard. By and large, though, <i>PC Mag</i> analyst Oliver Rist sees more similarities between Leopard and Microsoft's much-maligned OS than differences.

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    So he thinks that Kernel Panics, hardware malfunctions, are a bug in the OS.
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    Everyones experience is different. Ive had no problems at all with Leopard using the exact same apps. Ive been up 29 days so far, by far the longest uptime Ive ever had. Granted there are updates that need installed, but I dont want to install them and break my streak :D

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    Some of those updates are security related.
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    -1 (Garbage)
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    Well it seems stupid to avoid the updates so you can brag about your uptime.
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    I can not ever read that gibberish. How did he get a job writing for a magazine? errr.

    "so why don't you like Macs?"
    "Because I don't like Macs"

    It's a stupid circular logic.

    Once the hardware devision at Apple demands that the software devision gives them 10.4 because no one wants 10.5, and only then will I listen to what this guy has to say.

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    No problems here. Everything works great. My parents with their PC and Vista not so great.... And anyway, Vista sure looks a bit like Tiger. I mean.... Sidebar -> Dashboard....
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    Did you see me make a thread "hey everyone, look at my uptime!" There was no bragging, just stating a fact.

    My post was to disprove the article that Leopard crashes all the time. The security update you felt I needed was to the internal firewall, I hardly think that its mega-uber-critical that I install that.
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    I hate windows with a Passion. I love Mac OS X with a greater passion.

    But you can't ignore the list of complaints flooding in on this forum and every other forum about Leopard. I did, however, disagree with his rather weak GUI complaints, so I'll go against him on that.

    But over all the article was not stupid circular logic, and was well written. He even said, twice I do believe, that he thought Tiger was superior to XP. Doesn't sound like he implied "I don't like Macs" at all.

    I'll be waiting for more than just a 10.5.1 update. If still to many critical issues still exist as such a high occurrence rate, then I will wait for 10.6, or 11.

    My two cents...
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    Judging from you guys, I didn't spend too much time to read all 3 pages.

    BTW, I run Leopard and Vista Business at work. Besides putting Leopard on my test Intel Mac (Mac Pro), it's running happily on my work DP 2Ghz G5. Sure, there are a couple misses, but Leopard is pretty solid from day 1. On the other hand, I managed to be quite happy with Vista on an aging Pentium 4 (541) 3.2Ghz HP workstation and I never booted back to XP Pro SP2.

    Honestly, I shouldn't be using these 2 *current* operating systems on my production machines, since the rest of the computers here at work are still running Mac OS X 10.4.10 and WinXP Pro SP2. Working in the IT department, it's a good excuse to living on the edge. :p
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    None more badass.
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    The author's bias is even more obvious in the video posted on the magazine's website. He repeats a lot of the same points, but makes it pretty clear he is Macphobic.
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    no need to prove your fanhood with us :)

    I've had so few problems with Leopard and I drive it like I stole it
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    Ill say this, Ive never seen a windows computer with an uptime of 7 days, let alone 29.
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    I never had a core dump while running Tiger. A few days after having installed Leopard, I witnessed my first core dump so far but that's been the one and only core dump that I've ever had.
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    Rodimus Prime

    well people think that about windows all the time when most of the time the problems in it crashing is hardware related.
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    I ran my Windows XP box for about a month straight in way back in 2002. It never did crash, just got pretty sluggish.

    By the way, I don't think that KPs are always hardware related. In fact, they're certainly not. I KPed Leopard the second or third day I had it when I tried to run Parallels on my boot camp partition. It started booting it, and then it KPed, and when I rebooted my boot camp partition was hosed. Which was fine, it seemed to be helped by the rebuild I did. I didn't lose any files or anything... I just use it for Visual C# (for a class project) and also for... Counterstrike Source.
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    I have had some slight problems with the Leopard upgrade but Vista is a problem. The alternative is to stay with Tiger until the bugs are killed. For the most part Leopard is awesome.
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    yup totally agree... currently got 25days, going strong as.

    um how do u get that uptime?? via terminal? i currently use istat to see mine...

    as for leopard being the new vista.... gah i wish that fella would get a life. its basically just telling me that he knows nothing about computers nor OS's... tsktsk
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    You must not get out much, then, all the Windows computers at my university rarely, if ever, get shut down. They run XP at the moment, and one of the computers in the lab has been running for more than a year straight.
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    ya, I dont get out much to check on other ppl uptimes


    btw, are you there 24/7 and know for a fact these computer have not been rebooted?

    ya, just type uptime in terminal
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    Rodimus Prime

    wow like some said you need to get out more but I might like to point out chances are you do not use a windows computer so it makes it less likely that you will ever see one.
    My desktop (windows XP) less than a month ago I want to say it crossed 45 days of straight uptime. I turned it off because I think was I going out of town the next day it been a long semester. It is not the first time I have had my desktop cross 30 days nor will it be the last. My parents computer quite off crosses 30 days.
    Sorry I did not bother taking a screen shot of it because I really do not care to be bragging about it. Right now my desktop is just about crossing 4 days and I will be shutting it down over the weekend. Those shut downs both are related to the hardware. Last one was because DVD drive was having issues and I need to pull it to look at it and the one this weekend is because I some how caused my wireless card to stop working and I will not have the time to mess with it until this weekend. That and I need to put the optical drive back in.

    Normally my XP box only restarts are update related.

    Now if you choose not to believe my 45+ days I honestly do not care. I am not someone who thinks uptime is something to brag about. Now I can post a screen shot my old PC laptop having an uptime some where around 100+ years and yes it is a legit screen shot.
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    LOL 100+ years...:rolleyes:

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