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Leopard Mac OS X 10.5 9A321 Screenshots

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by Diatribe, Dec 20, 2006.

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    Thinksecret has a new gallery online of Leopard pics. A lot of new features, this is shaping up nicely...



    The only thing I am wondering is, where did the firewall stealth mode go?
    And when can they finally synch the iTunes playcounts, etc.?
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    I hope they change the Time Machine interface from the stupid looking 3d buttons. It would look much better with the buttons from the Quicklook interface. Clean and simple.
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    Same old ugly UI - WHAT GIVES?! :<

    Finally some pics of Leopard! I'm sure you weren't suppose to post them, but hey, whatdoyaknow.. it's Think Secret! So thanks! However, there appears to be only minor refinements to the UI - it's basically the same old fUGgLY finder UI - YUK! The dark transparent jpg windows are kindof cool but overall, YUK - same old bubbly-blue rounded scroll bars, same old butt-ugly stop light buttons and brushed metal, inconsistencies etc. I hope Apple's got somethin else up their sleeve for the UI. Otherwise MAJOR dissapointment awaits us :mad:

    Can we use Time Machine to travel into the future and find a better UI? I don't mean for time machine but for the rest of the finder in General. AQUA SUCKS, APPLE! REPLACE IT ALREADY! THE UI COULD BE SOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN IT IS NOW!
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    So I take it that the interface presently available is so hideous it physically repels you and as a consequence makes it impossible for you to do any work?

    There's always Vista. It has quite a pretty interface.
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    It doesn't make it impossible for me to do any work, but yes, it's hideous and it repels me. Apple **could** do SO MUCH BETTER if they wanted to. And Vista, well, I have my gripes about vista too.
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    I thought you were going to take your gripes to a "real non-Mac IT forum" where they respect important concerns like the fugliness of interfaces? ;)

    Hopefully all the promised improvements to the firewall really are there and this new interface (which seems to rather lack options) is much more intuitive than it looks.

    Love the new printer setup dialog...not that I really set up a lot of printers. The parental controls, which I also won't use, look nice too.

    As they're changing security features, I really wish they had a simple feature that allowed FUS to the login screen on sleep or screen save and/or did away with the wake password dialog and used the login screen (perhaps with a master password override to let other users log in).
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    I have to admit, your suggestions are good ones, and ones I happen to agree with... I found the gallery quite interesting, and explained a few things I was curious about.
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    All about the Plan B movie in the quicklook screenshot, is the developer English?

    Looks like it is coming together nicely.
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    Yeah... the new big ideas do look good. It's probably the little things we'll have to live with never getting... grrr... multi-session burns in Finder grrr.... ;)

    I wonder if Bonjour will have any new tricks up it's sleeve? And/or yet another new French name? Ça va? :D
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    I love the new installer routine, as it is clean, visually appealing and let's the user know what's in store for them (why they're installing Leopard).

    I really was/am hoping for them to move the "Default Browser" option in Safari to a more system-centric location such as, oh I don't know, the System Preferences. A default apps prefpane would be rather nice. The logging parental controls option seems like a logical and often overlooked feature. Kudos to Apple for jumping on that one.

    Looks like it's shaping up nicely, though. Still looking forward to January 9th!
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    Leopard Mac OS X 10.5 9A321 Screenshots


    AeroXP and ThinkSecret have posted galleries with screenshots from the latest seed of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).

    Features depicted include:

    - New installer screens (screenshot)
    - ZFS Formatting (screenshot, screenshot 2)
    - File Recovery (screenshot)
    - Quicktime (screenshot)
    - Time Machine (screenshot)
    - Screen Saver (screenshot)
    - Parental Control Logs (screenshot)

    ... and more. Leopard is expected to be released in "Spring 2007" according to Apple.
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    And why is AeroXP posting such pics, if it is a Windows-fanboy website? Is it to enable copying of features by Microsoft?
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    Nice... Screensaver is getting some nice touches I see
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    Okay, I've still never received a good answer to this question: does Time Machine backup constantly, or just once per day?

    I've always heard it described as backing up files constantly, as they are changed on disk, but then I see screenshots like this where there are options like: "Back up at midnight".

    If I have it set to back up at midnight, create a file at 9:00 AM, then accidentally delete it at 6:00 PM, will Time Machine let me get it back?
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    I remember that when a thread came up with a similar title a year ago, the screenshots of leopard was a simple mac 'virus', anyone remember that? Wierd times...
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    These are very nice, and answered some questions I had about Time Machine. I'm curious about the same issue avalys mentioned, though...
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    No iCal screenshots. I fear that the (in my opinion) insignificant updates to iCal that we already heard about is all that is going to change in iCal for 10.5. Why does Apple act like it doesn't love its own child?
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    Time Machine backs up your computer once a day. Not constantly.
    But I'm sure someone will make a hack that lets you choose multiple backup times.
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    need a new look and feel

    I'm using Tiger and I honestly don't see anything (except maybe "Spaces") that makes me want to upgrade to Leopard.

    I really hope that "top secret" stuff is compelling because so far the prospect of upgrading is lacking that killer element.
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    You are dead on here. i feel like I am back in middle school working on my first calendar when I am entering business meetings on iCal, there is so much that could and should be done.
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    It looks like it will only backup at midnight (i.e. copy the files to the backup drive). Although it might also keep some sort of 'change log' for all the files on the drive, and use this in tandem with the 'file recovery' utility in Disk Utility to pick up files you may have created and deleted before Time Machine backs them up.

    But I think it will simply back up at an interval you choose. This is the most simple way to do it, and that way you get daily, hourly, weekly, etc. 'snapshots' of your computer. I don't think it's easy to create on-the-fly backups of everything using the filesystem we currently have (HFS+ Journaled). But with ZFS coming... perhaps...
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    I mean beaches are a great addition to the screensaver and all, but seriously do some cool, and much requested, changes to the RSS feed in terms of the number and ability to aggregate different feeds. I will supply the beach shot if it is helpful so that they can focus on the RSS.:D

    *I had to modify for the 244kb requirement:(

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    You've got that right, unfortunately. These Leopard pics better not represent the UI of the final release or I'm gonna run my new Mac through I wood chipper and post the video on YouTube and send it to Steve Jobs.

    Apple could do SO MUCH BETTER than the current UI. I have no idea why they don't. Hopefully they're just hiding it til the expo.
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    I notice that Finder's action (gear) menu looks different (smaller and uncentered) in that shot, not matching the rest of the toolbar. Signs of Apple messing with the scalable UI stuff? Only Quartz Debug knows for sure....

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