Leopard or Tiger for iMac G4?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by jacktabby, Feb 7, 2010.

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    I am getting an iMac G4 in a couple of weeks and I don't know if I should install Mac OS X
    Leopard (10.5.8) or Tiger (10.4.11).
    The Specs are:

    RAM: 1GB
    Hard Drive: 80GB
    CPU Speed: 1.25GHz
    Screen Size: 17 inch

    I will use it for Web Surfing making the occasional movie and photo album and that sort of stuff. Burning CD's and more.

    I don't want it to be sluggish. If leopard will be a little I may have to go with tiger. If so whats the advantages and disadvantages, excluding Time Machine and Spaces.
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    One of my teachers uses a iMac G4 (same speed bigger screen) as that one with Leopard. It runs really really well from what I have seen. It takes a bit to start up though.

    With one gig of ram, the only thing keeping it from running Snow Leopard great is the PPC processor I would think :p

    Advantages of running Leopard over Tiger is newer and more supported software.

    Disadvantages is it might run slightly slower than Tiger. I dunno, I have never seen a iMac G4 these days with Tiger on it. They all have Leopard.
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    Leopard will run just fine.
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    leopard will run very nicely I have it on a 1.25ghz ppc g4 mac mini and it runs great

    giving up time machine is no big deal at all. if you back up file wisely than you will never have to use time machine.

    spaces are a bit different. once you get used to them you cant stop using them they keep u so organized
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    Use Tiger. Leopard has too many bugs right now...I use Tiger 10.4.11
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    I had a G4 1.25 mini and installed Leopard and it ran great. I would go for it
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    Go with Leopard. I have used it on an identical model (17"/1.25/1GB) - couldnt find any BUGS in it at all - worked flawlessly. I mean Ive also had good Leopard experiences on a G4/1.67 PowerBook and a G4 eMac at 1.33Ghz both with 1GB RAM, and have even used it on my G4/450 with 1GB RAM and it still performs okay, (with all the visuals turned off).
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    I saw no differences when I ran both Leopard and Tiger on my G4 iMac. But I'd recommend upgrading the memory to 2gb no matter what OS version you choose ;).
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    It depends. Can you get the latest version of Safari or Firefox on Tiger? If so I'd stick with Tiger on that thing, I think Leopard really wasn't made with PowerPC in mind, based on the performance I've seen from it on friends' G4s.

    If it is going to be your main system, and you need the most recent browser, I think Leopard would be "ok" on it.
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    I'd use the latest version of Tiger :D
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    It might be a little easier on the computer to run Tiger imo.
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    Yeah Leopard might be a lil' sluggish...
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    For whatever reason, my G4 started running a little snappier under Leopard - I didn't do a controlled experiment or anything, but I was surprised, because the upgrade to Tiger actually slowed the machine down a bit.
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    Maybe because Leopard leaves a smaller footprint?
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    Go Leopard, I have Tiger and Leopard on my G5 and the difference is unnoticeable.
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    I would say you could run Leopard with no Problem. I run Leopard on an 800 MHz. iBook G4 & it runs great. I also have it on an eMac 700 MHz. & it runs OK. 1GB of Ram on both machines. I think it will be smokin' with Leopard.
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    Based on my experience I can say that Tiger is a little bit slower than Leopard, on a G4.
    But I strongly suggest to maximize RAM (2 Gb will be fine if supported)
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    both leopard and tiger will run on the imac g4 , tiger runs only better
    some had no trouble with leopard, but others like me felt it was a bit slower and less responsive then tiger
    also leopard it seems was only a stopgap for apple to have time for snow leopard
    so i would suggest to run tiger on a g4 mac , still the most software available and most new software runs on tiger too (most times tiger is minimum requirement ), ok tiger has less eye candy , but is a responsive and fast operating system
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    based on my experience with a Mini (G4) I must say the exact contrary: Leopard runs better and is slightly faster, with 2 Gb of ram.
    And using Tiger he will miss a lot of improvement to gain nothing
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    I would use Tiger. Leopard has some nice features (like Cover Flow) but Tiger is just fine I think.
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    I would say to go with Leopard. I've run it on four different G4 machines (1Ghz, 1Ghz, 1Ghz, and 1.25Ghz) and all run it just fine. The speed is almost identical to Tiger.

    With Snow Leopard out, Tiger is very quickly being totally abandoned. If you want any hope being able to run up-to-date web browsers in the future, for example, you're gonna need 10.5.
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    and that's really a point ;)
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    I have an eMac with almost exactly the same specs (I've got 2GB RAM), and I have run 10.4.11 on it without a problem for many years.
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    Leopard is the One then!

    Good point. I will try Leopard and if it feels sluggish I will try Tiger.

    Thanks for all the advice everyone!
    Really Helped to know everyones opinion. :D

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