Leopard Overtakes Windows OS Sales In Japan For October

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    Apple's Mac OS 10.5 Leopard launch will go down in history as record-breaking, both internal and external. In Japan, sales went up to 60.5% market share year-on year in the month of October, which was enough to bump Microsoft from the top spot (reports Macworld.co.uk citing a Japanese Business Computer News report)

    Apple had already indicated that the Leopard launch was highly successful, with two million copies sold in the first weekend alone.

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    Way to go apple

    Thats crazy, way to go apple!
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    Now if Apple could get China to stop pirating everything and sell Leopard there!
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    Darn, so Vista isn't Microsoft's Messiah?:apple: :cool:
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    of course apple is on the upswing and well Microsoft with Vista.... is well on its way down.

    this is marginal overall. the big change is more people are buying macs. so, this is a big deal and exciting period in apple's history.

    if mac marketshare continues its upswing, it is conceivable that instead of 5% market share would be 15% in 2-3 years
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    I'm reading that, but I still don't believe it. Good times are ahead for Apple.
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    This doesn't surprise me, since you'd have to be somewhat crazy to buy the full retail Vista OS. OEM is the only way it's affordable.
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    I'm curious to see what the Mac OS X to XP/Vista installed marketshare looks like in Japan.
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    Time for a new version of Vista to be released: Windows Vista Power Edition Small Office Virus Barrage SP2. At least Balmer can gloat about the sheer number of versions of Vista and begin the new add campaign fresh from Bandai. "Gotta catch 'em all!"
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    What was the ratio the week after Vista was released?

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    Great news for :apple:. Once the initial pent up demand is satisfied, that number will swing back to Uncle Bill, but it's always welcome to see :apple: in the lead!!!
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    This must be a turning point!

    When has Apple ever sold their retail OS more than Microsoft's latest effort...?
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    This news makes me wonder if the good citizens of Japan are buying Leopard to install on their PC.Thus causing the spike in sales.
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    No No No!

    This is horrid news! Now more PC guys are going to hate Mac Users even more! :)

    BTW... I just got back from Japan a few weeks ago. I went to the Tokyo store. As with other Apple stores... it was packed. However, I'm in the professional publishing industry and I'm surprised on how behind Japan is with their adoption of new technology for business. I know... surprise! I was shocked to hear how many printing companies still base their workflows on OS 9 and applications such as PageMaker 7.0 and such. Way behind the rest of the world. But most of this is due to the Font issues in Japan... as for the consumer... looks like they want to be in the 21st century with the latest and greatest.

    As a 20+ year Mac user, and have lived through the dark days of Scully and the rest on the non-Steve crew... it's good to see Apple back on top! Good for Apple!
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    wow. that is about the most stunning news I've heard recently. Dell better air more commercials with their colored laptops in Japan.
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    Great news! I hope that apple can keep this up. !!!
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    This is not what the article says. It says sales growth went up 60.5%, not that they had a 60.5% market share.
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    This is a non-news item

    Exactly! You're comparing an OS that was JUST RELEASED versus one that has been out for quite a while.
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    IJ Reilly

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    Why is this impressive for Apple?

    They are comparing the sales for the first week of release of Leopard vs. around the 35th week of Vista.

    What would be more interesting would be to compare the first week of Leopard vs. the first week of Vista.

    Or else perhaps comparing the two sales for a week in a few months after early adopters have already had their chances to buy it.

    The story as stated though is very highly skewed and uninformative. I would assume that the week that Tiger was released it outsold XP by a pretty decent margin.
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    wow, impressive

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