Leopard Server on a G4 MDD

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by AlexMaximus, Jan 25, 2010.

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    Hello dear friends,

    soon my current setup will have to change, and I plan to do the following Scenario:

    One Powermac G4 MDD should run Leopard Server. This machine should work as a central file and data server for data sharing and it should work without a screen.
    A second machine, MacBook Pro together with a 30' Apple screen will act as the "new work station". It should be connected to the G4 server to share files with it. An Apple Time Capsule with 1 gig should work as the wifi station and as the backup device for the MacBook Pro.


    1. Can I use the Time Capsule as a Network switch and hook all machines into it to exchange data or do I need a separate network switch? Can I use the wireless lan to network the machines togehter?

    If I sit on the workstation on the MacBook Pro and open a file on the G4 Server, can I open the file (movie .avi) and play it or do I have to copy the file first on the MacBook Pro to play it ?

    2. Later on I would like to play movies that are stored on the G4 server on a flatscreen display in another room. There is a way to stream the movie with an iphone and some kind of streaming app to the TV flatscreen, however I am looking for a "server/network" solution. How would you do that?

    3. What would change if I buy the Apple movie TV box?

    Thanks for your ideas !!

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