Leopard- worth it for G5 owners?

Discussion in 'OS X' started by Much Ado, Mar 3, 2007.

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    Much Ado

    As far as i see it, Leopard appeals to the multi-core, 64-bit crowd (aka Merom etc.)

    My iMac G5 is 64-bit, but is upgrading to 10.5 useless as i'm stuck in the single core era?

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    Leopard Is Made For G5 Solo Processors Too Much Ado


    You will gain immediate benefit from Leopard as it will be more G5 centric than Tiger is. It is NOT useless at all. 10.5 is not for Intel only Much. It's all about the 64-bit you have. Just because it's single core doesn't mean you are out. It just means you are less in on the multi tasking front. You're cool with Leopard and you'll feel the difference right away.:cool:
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    Yeah, Leopard would be just as useful an upgrade (or not) as Tiger, for anyone. There's nothing multi-core-centric about it as far as I've ever heard. As far as anything Intel-focussed goes, I think the hope is that Leopard on x86 will finally be equal to the PPC version. (It's not for no reason that all of the 10.4.x Intel updates have been massively larger than the PPC updates.)

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    It friggin better be. I'm definitely putting it on my G4 PowerBook.
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    It'll be going on my 32-bit PowerBook G4, my 32-bit dual core Intel iMac, my 64-bit dual processor G5, and hopefully a dual core 64-bit MBP that I will buy after the release.

    Leopard will be equally good for PPC and Intel, 32-bit and 64-bit.
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    Tom B.

    I was thinking the same about my ageing 867 MHz 12" PowerBook G4 with 640 MB RAM. Will it be worth getting for a computer so old?

    EDIT: Actually, I don't think I will. I'll just buy a top of the line MacBook with it pre-installed instead :)
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    Much Ado

    Great replies guys, thanks.

    There's plenty of years in this G5 yet. :)

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    Yup...in some ways the G5 Macs are better then Core Duo Mac. Its 64 bit, and all of G5 Macs have better GPUs then Minis and low end iMac.

    I'll be installing 10.5 on my Mac Mini Core Duo and iMac G5 for sure...and we'll see how it runs before I put it on my G4 1.33Ghz 512Mb iBook

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