Let's Buy Bill Gates an iMac!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by eRondeau, Jan 8, 2007.

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    So I was watching Bill Gates do his Keynote speech at the C.E.S. and I thought to myself, 'Boy, he looks really tired and dull and boring' just like his software. So then I got the idea, 'Hey, let's show Bill just how fun and exciting computers can be again!' So here's what all of us on Macrumors.com need to do. We need to take up a collection to buy Bill an iMac. Nothing too big or powerful, as we don't want to shock his system into some sort of cool-technology allergy. Probably just a run-of-the-mill 17" iMac would be fine. If everyone who reads this post would contribute maybe $2.75 I think we could order it online and have it shipped to his house by the end of the month. Then, when the successor to Vista is finally released in 2015, it will be exactly like Tiger, instead of only 90% like Tiger. Any takers???
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    I think our money would probably be better spent aiding the millions of hungry, homeless, poor, illiterate, ill, etc.
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    Bill, for the last time, stop coming here pretending to be somebody else wanting to buy you something.
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    An iMac you say? Where do I put my money!? Hurrah!

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    I rarely use acronyms, but this comment deserves a ROTFLMAO :D
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    Wouldn't the money you spent on your sofa be better spent on the homeless, or the poor etc... ? You can say that about absolutely anything...

    I love the idea of buying Bill Gates an iMac, it would be great!!

    How can we organise this officially?
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    I'd have to agree with TheAnswer. I'd have a hard time donating my money to buy an iMac for a man that earns enough intrest in the time it takes to say "I'd like to buy an iMac please." to pay for one! :) I think he'd rather see us support charity than give him something he could easily afford to get on his own.

    Come on Bill, make the switch on your own! ;)
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    ****ing cheap-skate.

    Bill Gates can afford to but his own iMac!

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    Buying a sofa for you and your family to sit on is not the same thing as buying a computer for a multi billionaire who may not even want it.
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    No, but if you follow that logic, you wouldn't spend any money on anything the lesser man out on the street has...
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    well said - would be fun tho - maybe we each donate $5 ($2.50 for the iMac $2.50 for Oxfam -- or some-other like minded organisation -- )
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    The logic you are following isnt the point anyway, because the point is not just about spending a certain amount of money on an item. A sofa in most cases is not gratuitous spending but buying an imac for a stranger for the sake of making an inane point is.
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    This is fun, but how will we actually get it to him? Just now his bodyguards think it's a bomb and they destroy it, It's a good trojan horse though. Honestly this could cause some nice press controversy though. And imagine if he actually uses it:eek: wow, I can't wait!
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    I'll bet any money he already has a couple of Macs. Probably a MBP and a MacPro.

    Edit: ... the first one looks photoshopped to me ... but still ...

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    Why would there be a dock on both displays, and a menu bar on neither?
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    because they are fake?
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    That was hilarious! Hahaha.
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    World's richest man...

    Erm I think no one man is closer to buying the whole Apple than Bill himself!
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    LOL When we get it we should load it full of viruses and put up a message along the lines of:

    'This copy of Mac OS X must be registered:

    Please ring this number <insert phone number for some guy in India who can't speak english>'

    see how much that gets on his nerves...
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    It explains pretty clearly in that blog.

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