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Let's get some {MR} SC games going!

Discussion in 'Games' started by Durandal7, Jul 14, 2002.

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    We should get some games going. C'mon MacAztec, Mischief and Catfish, you all know you want to show off.

    BTW hitman, did you join yet or not? I'm not really sure...
  2. job
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    Heh, thanks for reminding me.

    I'm joining right now.

    I can probably play later on in the week.

    My AIM name is tycho684 but I use ICQ more often. My # is 144288983

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    Anybody have a way to convert PC mod files to Mac MPQ?

    I've found a lot of cool mods for SC and BW but it's all CWD and .EXE!!

    If you have any apps or perhaps a URL to some mac-format mods I'd be VERY happy!

    Please e-mail to mischief6xr@mac.com
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    I think I should change my name to like [MR]AzTeK

    Even though GL@I)I@TORs stats are nice :)
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    I 4got my l/p information
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    Re: Anybody have a way to convert PC mod files to Mac MPQ?

    Here's the only site I've ever found with any http://customs.macstarcraft.com/ never got them to work but good luck ;)
  7. job
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    Lets start some games guys!

    Later in the week would be better for me.
    I'd also be up for some RtCW games too....
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    Damn newb ruined my game. Joined a 2v2 expert and my teammate wanted to know what the "spikes coming out of the ground" at the Zerg base were. Sheesh :rolleyes:

    My B.net is asurace[MR] and I usually head to channel "Macrumors" when I log on.
  9. job
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    lol. :D Thats the funniest thing I've heard all week.

    Sounds good. I'll create a new account with [MR] somewhere in the name.
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    Then he kept telling me to "send in your spider things to back up my machine gun guys" :rolleyes: Damn those newbies.
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    Funny stories:

    When I was retailing Macs we set up the demo's for doing gaming after hours. I was the only guy who hadn't used WarCraft. One of the New sales reps was being a jerk so I brought in Starcraft the next week.... BroodWars.

    I gave him a good long head start. I built up reasonable ground defenses, I was playing Zerg... He was Terran and a third SR was playing Protoss.

    I built straight to the Greater Spire and spawned a flight of 6 Guardians. I sent out 3 zerglings as a heads up and to verify his location. He didn't respond in the next 5 minutes so I sent in the guardians. He only had 4 or 5 marines and a tank. He quit out in less that 30 seconds of getting pounded. :D
  12. job
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    My friend and I were playing a 2v2 map; he was Zerg I was Protoss.

    I was attacking the one of other player's base with 24 Archons.

    Over chat the guy under attack asked : "What are those glowing balls?" :D

    If you want to see a really really long battle with massive amounts of troops watch the recording. I am the player "feldmarshal" (this was my second game in Bnet. :D)
  13. job
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    I think this is the right recording.

    I'm not so sure though.....

    There should be 4 players on a money map 2 zerg, 1 protoss (me) and 1 terran.

    [edit]damn the attach feature won't let me attach the file byitself. hold on while i compress it.[/edit]

    Attached Files:

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    ...is whining about the [], {}, and - - characters. Any ideas on what I should use? To add to the "SC stories" part of the thread:
    The last game I played was with a really obnoxious guy (a pretty decent zerg player, but really annoying). He decided that because I didn't rush (it was a 2 v 2 computer game, so I wasn't really worried about the opposition) I was a newbie, and after we wiped out one computer player he dropped 2 dozen hydralisks in the back of my base. At this point I had a bunch of photon cannons, some carriers, and a few zealots. Since he was attacking from the back he wiped out the pylons for the cannons before my guys got there. Then it was 4 injured carriers and 2-3 zealots vs. 24 uninjured hydralisks. First game I've lost in ages.
  15. job
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    I think our clan uses [MR] either before or after your Bnet name.

    I'd ask asurace to be sure though.
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    [MR] is the accepted prefix/suffix, my username is asurace[MR]
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    I'm actually going onto B.net right now, i'll be in channel "Macrumors" (just Macrumors without the quotes)
    -edit U.S. West Realm
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    That's weak. Anybody who's somebody in SC knows that you have to rush to win a game. Staying on the defensive just gets u killed
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    Yea, once someone gets Siege Tanks you can say goodbye to your defenses.
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    Siege tanks are for losers. You can easily wipe them out with any race if you're prepared:

    1) if you're zerg: research burrowing, make about 10+ zerglings/hydralisks and dig them in a little distance outside of your base entrance and all over your base. When the tanks come, wait till they change modes and pop them up. They're gone :)

    2)if you're protoss: carriers or corsairs with disruption web. God I love disruption web! If you have neither, get a zealot and a high templar with ion storm. Send the zealot out to take their first volley, follow that with your templars and ion storm those tanks' ass.

    3)if you're terran: the tanks shouldn't get near you 'cause you'd have your own siege tanks. You can also get a range advantage if you send out a cloaked ghost to scout out a little bit.

    Terran battlecruisers are the **** tho. This thread's getting me interested in SC again, maybe I should get back onto B.net
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    most expert players don't bother to set up much in terms of defenses, they just block off areas with high hitpoint buildings (supply depots, engineering bays), and nestle one or two photon cannons/bunkers/subterrainian tentacles in between them. It makes it close to impossible for any melee units to do anything to the base.
  22. job
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    I like to "mine" any openings with 8-12 Lurkers.

    By the time the tanks are in range and changing into siege mode it will be too late. :)
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    Most defensive structures are inadequate when the opponent gets advanced units. Many advanced units have higher ranges then defensive structures making them easily picked off by Guardians, Siege Tanks, etc. It's better to direct resources towards mobile units.
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    I really enjoy dark Archons....

    If you're quick U can nab a Zerg drone and beat feet. Once you have a drone you have a colony! Once you have a colony you can combine Arbiter's cloaking with Guardians and Devourers.... SICK. Guardians have the range of Siege Tanks But can't be hit by them. If you build up a captured Zerg hive cluster within a Protoss base and sit an Arbiter over it you can be close to untouchable.:D
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    Re: I really enjoy dark Archons....

    Dark Archons are a lot of fun when a Terran player shows up with a fleet of Battlecruisers, you can steal some of them and use feedback on the surviving Battlecruisers.

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